Lottoland Discuss Affiliate Marketing & the iLottery Space (Part 1)

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The Gibraltar-based iLottery wagering brand Lottoland launched its revamped, Income Access-powered affiliate programme last August. The brand allows players to wager on multiple national lotteries and international jackpots.

We recently spoke to Lottoland Senior Affiliate Manager Stephanie Cook about the iLottery affiliate channel and why the brand’s affiliate programme is unique.

Income Access (IA): Can you describe Lottoland’s USP for both players and affiliates?

Stephanie Cook (SC): With over eight million customers, we have the biggest player base as a lotto betting company. We provide the opportunity for these players to bet on lotteries from all over the world and deliver great customer service.

Lottoland is also well-established. We regularly promote the brand through our own social media pages, along with country-wide television ads – examples being our recent ones in both the UK and Sweden. For each big campaign, we always provide affiliates with tailored assets.

IA: How has affiliate marketing helped you overcome the specific challenges of your vertical and brand’s?

SC: We work with several types of affiliates or publishers, ranging from voucher sites to bloggers and social media influencers. They all help us to create a sizeable community and reach out to different segments.

We’re also working on co-branded onboarding journeys, which would help both parties support one another. Affiliates also give us more visibility in lottery and casino communities, along with more credibility.

IA: If you were an affiliate, what would you find most appealing about promoting iLottery brands?

SC: iLottery brands have a large selection of products and innovative offerings. User-friendly customer journeys and multi-segmentation are two more key benefits. Everyone over the age of 18 can enter, meaning there’s a large target group.

With the support of attractive jackpots, iLottery brands are also easy to promote. The lottery vertical is also well-known worldwide and enjoys a good reputation.

IA: What iLottery markets should we keep an eye on over the next 12 months?

SC: In Europe, Italy is worth watching. Beyond the continent, new opportunities could also open in South Korea, China and South Africa.Look out on our Content Hub tomorrow for part two of our discussion with Lottoland’s Stephanie Cook.


At Income Access, we provide a comprehensive affiliate marketing software solution and digital marketing services for iLottery brands, including Lottoland, the Danish national lottery Danske Spil, Michigan Lottery, and Pennsylvania Lottery. To find out more, please reach out.