Managing Multiple Affiliate Sites Through One Account

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Q: I have a network of sites. Is there a way that I can effectively manage these through one affiliate account?

– SarahProvided that it has the right features, the software powering the affiliate programs you work with can be a powerful resource for managing campaigns across multiple sites and channels. The right software will have tools to segment your campaigns across different channels without needing to register multiple affiliate accounts, and then generate reports so that you can compare performance across your network of sites.Your affiliate software will need to offer two essential features to help manage multiple campaigns. First, the software will need to allow for custom tracking codes so that your tracking links from different sites can be managed under one account. Second, the software will need to provide traffic reports that can include campaign results from different sites.

Backed by these tools, affiliates can do more than manage and track campaigns from multiple sites through one account. They can compare performance and determine why some channels perform better than others, allowing them to optimize campaigns across all their channels.

Segmenting Affiliate Links