Video | Comparing your Acquisition Channels - Media Buying vs. Affiliate Marketing

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As the classic rule of seven states, a potential customer needs to be exposed to your message seven times before taking action. Though this number is not necessarily set in stone, the frequency at which a potential player is exposed to your brand plays a significant role in conversation rates.

Integrating your marketing plan across various channels is an optimal way to augment your brand’s exposure. Two channels that pair particularly well together are media buying and affiliate marketing.

Want to know the secrets to how the Media Buying and Affiliate Marketing channels can effectively complement each other?

Check out our video below, where our Digital Media Strategist, explains the basics and what you need to know about these two powerhouse acquisition marketing channels.<iframe src="" width="100%" height="400" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

Here are some other helpful considerations:

Though the channels have slightly different strategies, and serve slightly different purposes, many of the same resources can be shared between the two, resulting in efficiencies and ultimately greater results.

The key is also being able to easily compare and contrast not only the performance of each individual channel by volume and monetary value of new customers, but also how your media buy activity impacts on your affiliate marketing efforts. This includes having the ability to:

Measure the performance of banner ads across both affiliates and media distribution channels – this allows you to measure performance of creative across channels, A/B test landing pages, and create a consistent brand experience for your potential users

Identify the most effective attribution paths that convert high-value customers, by looking at what channels the future customers have interacted with and ultimately where they converted

Evaluate and compare return on investment across both channels easily by looking at both volume of users brought in, but also compare conversion rates and ultimately revenue down to individual creates


Is your media buying strategy well-integrated with your other marketing channels?

With our knowledge in both media buying and the affiliate channel, our team can look at your current strategy to uncover potential opportunities to achieve greater results.

If you haven’t yet looked in to this channel, reach out to us to see if our team can help apply media buying to increase your brand’s reach and marketing performance.

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