Meet the IA Team: Naomi Jung

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In our latest Meet the IA Team blog post, we sit with Affiliate Marketing Coordinator, Naomi Jung. As the newest addition to the affiliate team, Naomi dives into her experience working at Income Access after six months in the role. She also shares with us her biggest challenge, as well as details on her favourite things to do outside of work.

Name: Naomi Jung

Position: Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

Background: Naomi was born and raised in Montreal. She recently graduated from the John Molson School of Business at the city’s Concordia University, earning a major in marketing and a minor in management. Naomi joined the Income Access team in June 2018 and has been working with several iGaming brands ever since.

Naomi shares her experiences as an Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

You recently integrated and launched the affiliate programme for the PowerPlay brand, which recently went live. Tell us more about working with a new brand and how it has been received in its market.

Working with a brand like PowerPlay is really cool because they’re exploring a new and emerging market Latin America. This makes it an interesting learning experience for everyone involved. What’s great about working with the PowerPlay team is that they’re very engaged and open to receiving feedback provided by affiliates, myself and other affiliate managers. In addition to that, they will not only listen, but also take action based on feedback, which is very refreshing.

What I like the most about working in the Latin American market, the main focus in my portfolio, is that it’s still relatively untapped. It’ll be great to have a foot in the door when the market develops further because I’ll have already developed key relationships and will be able to leverage them for the success of other programmes.

You’ve been working at Income Access for six months now. What do you like the most about your job so far? What has been the biggest challenge?

The best thing about being at Income Access is definitely working alongside my team. In the marketing department, we have a great dynamic and get along really well. It’s always a fun time with us—both in and outside of work. I also really like the autonomy the position provides and that there are always new obstacles and challenges for me to learn and overcome.

The biggest challenge that I’ve faced so far is perfecting my time management skills. I was always really good at organizing and prioritizing tasks when I was in school, but in the real world, there are so many things that can pop up at moment’s notice. Adding that to dedicating equal amounts of time to each of my clients and balancing other tasks has proven to be a bit of a challenge— but it’s one I know I can overcome!

As a recent marketing graduate, what skills have you learned in school and are applying to your day-to-day tasks as an Affiliate Marketing Coordinator?

The skill that I’ve been able to translate the most into my work is communication. I had many group projects in school, which gave me the opportunity to work with individuals from different cultures. So, I learned how to take different approaches to communication while working with different personality types. This has been directly applicable in my role, because on a daily basis, I am dealing with a variety of affiliates, clients and colleagues from all over the world. Therefore, tailoring my communication to each group is what I found works best.

Get to know Naomi!

You consider yourself to be a “foodie”. Tell us more about your experiences in Montreal restaurants and what you look for when discovering a new place.

What I love about Montreal is that it’s very multicultural and there are many options when it comes to food. There are also new restaurants opening here all the time, so I’ll never run out of places to try out. I’m not picky when it comes to food, so I’m willing to try anything!

A restaurant’s aesthetic is something that’s really important to me. I make sure to always check this out before committing to trying a new place out. I do lots of online research and ask for recommendations prior to settling on a new restaurant to visit.

Do you have any hidden talents you’d like to tell us about?

I’m musically gifted! I can play four different instruments: the saxophone, the flute, the guitar and the piano. The reason I learned so many is because I was pretty indecisive in high school and I wanted to try everything! Growing up, I also practiced ballet for 10 years. Recently, I took up kick boxing.

Speed Round!

What’s your favourite…

Food: My mom's home cooking. She makes the best Korean food!

Movie: Saving Private Ryan

Sport: Volleyball

Animal: Dogs and horses

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