Meet the IA Team: Samantha Ross

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In this week’s Meet the IA Team blog post, we speak to Affiliate Marketing Coordinator Samantha Ross. Just a month away from celebrating her second anniversary at Income Access, Samantha discusses what it’s like to manage affiliate programmes in North American and European markets. Samantha also talks through her experiences to-date as part of our affiliate team, and how she enjoys spending her free time.

Name: Samantha Ross

Position: Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

Background: Samantha graduated from Montreal’s Concordia University in 2015, with a bachelor’s degree in commerce with a marketing major. She joined our affiliate team in April 2016 and now manages the affiliate programmes for Caesars Interactive and the Michigan Lottery in the States, and Malta’s Dragonara Casino.

Samantha shares her experiences as an Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

What’s unique about the brands you manage?

The cool thing about Dragonara Casino’s affiliate programme is that many in the industry are already familiar with the brand’s land-based casino, so it’s a lot easier to attract affiliates and players.

I find managing two brands in the US market – Caesars Interactive and Michigan Lottery – really interesting, too, because of the evolving regulatory landscape, where new markets are gradually opening up.

Michigan Lottery is particularly fun to work with, because they’re the first US state lottery to launch an affiliate programme. It’s a learning process for everybody involved, which makes things even more compelling. I like the whole idea of seeing brands’ affiliate programmes develop as we go along.

With much of the US iGaming and online lottery market still restricted, do you feel managing affiliate programmes a challenge?

Yes and no. While the pool of affiliates is limited compared to other regions, the ones who do exist are generally well known. The majority have vast experience in affiliate marketing and know what they’re talking about, which makes it easy to get things done.

When iGaming markets such as Pennsylvania go live, then I think things in the US market will get even more interesting.

You went to the Berlin Affiliate Conference last November, which was the first you’ve attended with Income Access. What was that like?

It was nice to meet fellow industry members in real-life, and have face-to-face discussions with them rather than via phone or email. Since the conference, I feel that I’ve become more effective when communicating with affiliates.

Meeting affiliates in person has helped them remember who I am, and also made introducing them to other team members, clients and partners much easier. Overall, it was a great experience and I had an amazing time.

Get to know Samantha!

You like your sports… tell us a bit about this?

I play in a competitive soccer league, which takes place all-year-round. We play outside over the summer, and indoors during the winter months. I’ve been playing since I was four years old – my father’s from the UK and played in leagues over there, and continued doing so once he moved to Canada. He was always playing, as was my older brother, so I wanted to get involved too.

I’ve played soccer every year since I first began and have also represented my high school, where I also played volleyball. Alongside these, I enjoy going to the gym.

When you’re not in the gym or on the soccer field, how else do you spend your free time?

I really like to travel when I can, which is usually once or twice a year. Last year I got to visit some exciting places, including Croatia and Italy. Croatia was my favourite – the weather was perfect, the people were super friendly and there were lots of beautiful beaches and national parks. The food and nightlife were also really good, and it wasn’t too expensive either.

I also like spending time with my two dogs. If you ask anyone around the office, they’ll tell you that I’m always talking about them and sharing pictures of them! I got both when they were puppies – I love them dearly, and enjoy taking them for walks. As well as being with my dogs, I also enjoy going out with my friends.

Speed Round!

What’s your favourite… Food: Vanilla ice cream

Movie: Star Wars IV – VI

Sport: Volleyball

Outdoor activity: Hiking

Animal: My dogs!

Music artist: Ed Sheeran

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