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For our latest Meet the IA Team post, we're excited to introduce you to two valuable members of the Account Management team, Nancy Rivero and Mario Velichkov, where they give you some valuable insights into the market, as well as peek into their personal lives!

Name: Nancy Rivero

Position: Key Account Manager

Background: Thanks for speaking with me! I’m Peruvian and studied business administration with a specialization in marketing. Straight out of university, I started my career and worked for many years in market research, analyzing market trends and consumer behavior, first in research agencies and then on the client side. I moved to Montreal almost seven years ago and shifted to a position in sales and account management. I have been at IA for almost two years now.


Name: Mario Velichkov

Position: Account Manager

Background: I studied theoretical physics at Sofia University and got a professional bachelor’s degree in business administration, while running my own business with the 170-year-old American company Southwestern Advantage, where I sold educational schoolbooks for five years while being a student. In the last few years, I’ve been working as an account manager, first in the field of finance and in the last year at Income Access.

During your time with IA, you’ve worked with a variety of clients in entirely different verticals. What do you enjoy most about your role?

NR: I like that it is a very dynamic and challenging role, as no day is the same. In the last year, I received more responsibilities, and am constantly learning which I love. What I enjoy the most is building relationships, not only with my clients but with the IA team, who are amazing because everyone is kind and collaborative.

MV: Getting to communicate daily with so many different people in varied positions has been the most exciting part of my job. Managing projects and issues while leading meetings with CEOs, affiliate managers, project managers, developers, even finance and legal teams (sometimes all at the same time) has both kept my job interesting every day and has helped me improve my skills in a wide variety of areas.

What advice would you give to someone starting in your role?

NR: My advice to someone starting on the team is to learn to prioritize and be curious. You can’t be afraid to ask questions, as that’s the best way to learn.

Also, always be responsive to the client and have regular calls with them.  In the beginning, it can be a little challenging to provide the right explanations, especially to technical questions, but always be honest and keep them updated in a timely fashion. They really do appreciate it.

MV: Prepare to be in the position of not knowing what to do and/or how things work almost all the time in the beginning. Luckily, our company has an established process and a phenomenal team, so expect to learn quickly and improve immensely daily. The skills and knowledge we build at Income Access serve us for our whole career, so it’s a great choice to try and learn as much as possible.

What’s one skill you’ve improved on ever since becoming an account manager?

NR: This job is a constant source of learning and growth, but I believe I have improved my communication skills the most. I work with a variety of clients with different requests, needs, and communication styles. I must actively listen to them to better help them and I’m also the liaison between them and the support team, so I have to effectively deliver the message every time. 

MV: I’ve improved in many different areas, but one I would point out is my technical knowledge. Although I’ve previously taken several software courses as a university student, I never had the chance to put those skills to work, so having to deal with this often as an account manager in IA has been extremely useful.

Are there any fun facts about yourself that you would like to share?

NR: I speak four languages, even though I’m a native Spanish speaker. At four years old, I started with German because I went to a German school (I lost it a little bit but I’m working on refreshing it). Later during elementary school, I learned English and when I was in university, I decided to learn French because I liked the sound of it. Italian is in my plans as the next language to learn :)

MV: I absolutely love sports and they are a big part of my life and schedule. I’ve been going to the gym roughly four times a week for about 12 years now and play soccer and basketball almost every week. I still occasionally play American football, volleyball and tennis, as well as well take long distances runs. I’ve finished several half marathons with the 2017 half marathon in Plovdiv being my best placing, when I finished 61st out of more than 800 participants!

A big thank you for reading our latest Meet the IA Team post and stay tuned for future profiles on our terrific team!

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