Meet the IA Team: Alexandra Bogdanova

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Today in our Meet the IA Team blog series, we speak to Alexandra Bogdanova – the leader of our affiliate team. Alexandra discusses her daily responsibilities in the office, as well as what she enjoys doing in her free time. You’ll also find out how Alexandra works with our clients and partners to ensure they get the most out of our affiliate marketing services.

Name: Alexandra Bogdanova

Position: Supervisor of Affiliate Services

Background: Alexandra was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, and lived in South Africa, Australia, the US and Colombia before moving to Canada. After joining Income Access as an Account Manager, Alexandra moved over to the affiliate team – which she now leads.

Alexandra shares her insight on overseeing the affiliate team

What skills are most important to your current role?

Teamwork One of my most important responsibilities is making sure that the team environment is healthy and that every team member can help one another. I need to coordinate and distribute tasks in accordance with everyone’s workload, so that nobody has too much or too little to do.

Understanding one another’s tasks and equally sharing the work, along with being able to share our affiliate marketing knowledge with each other, helps us achieve individual goals as well as the overall team and business objectives.Working with Clients I also need to introduce our affiliate marketing services to potential clients, as well as helping existing ones in need of guidance. We show them how the Income Access affiliate team works as a whole, while also informing them how they can get the most out of our affiliate services.

Doing this helps us to grow our network and build more industry relationships, as well as maintaining the ones we have those already integrated with our affiliate software.

What’s one thing you’ve learned since beginning your role, which you wish you’d known on day one?

To start with, managing a large group of people was quite daunting. However, with time and experience, I’ve learned how to perfect the role. While having large volumes of people reporting into you can be quite difficult to deal with initially, you quickly improve your managerial skills and it gets easier before too long.

What’s the first thing you do every morning when you get into the office?

Every morning is different for me – I don’t have any specific routine or ritual, because tomorrow might be different from today. I normally have a lot of meetings and calls already scheduled throughout the course of my day, so more often than not I jump onto one of those straight away.

Get to know Alexandra!

You’ve lived in various places across the world… How does Montreal compare to them?

I like how Montreal is a combination of both the European and American cultures. The city is very relaxing, meaning you can achieve a healthy work/life balance with ease. Montreal also has a lot of bars and restaurants, meaning there’s a great nightlife.

I also like to travel outside of Montreal, and there are plenty of amazing places for outdoor activities within an hour’s drive of the city (such as Quebec's Omega Park; check out the photo below). I’m not planning to move anywhere else in the near future, and will soon be applying for a Canadian passport.

You also like to travel a lot…What’s your favourite country you’ve visited?

Tough question – I like them all for various reasons. Everywhere is special in its own different way, so it would be difficult to name just one!

Speed Round!

  • Hobby: Outdoor activities. I enjoy hiking and active travelling, rather than going on vacation to relax.
  • Food: Russian ravioli – my grandmother’s especially! Either that, or a Colombian soup called ajiaco.
  • Animal: Wolf
  • Movie genre: Comedy
  • Song: ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’, the original version by Bob Dylan.

 To discover more about the affiliate management services of Alexandra and her team, please reach out.