Meet the IA Team: Jean Traore

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Today we continue our Meet the IA Team blog series, where you can get to know our in-house affiliate managers. The team tell us about themselves and also give their tips and advice on effective programme management.

Name: Jean Traore

Position: Affiliate Coordinator

Background: Jean lived in Paris, France, before moving to the Canadian capital Ottawa as a youngster and later made Montreal his home. He joined the Income Access Affiliate Team in our Montreal head office in March 2016. Alongside content management and social media engagement, Jean has written sports articles and also helped start-ups with their social media efforts as a hobby.

Jean shares his thoughts on his affiliate coordinator role

What’s the first thing you do when you get into work?I check the stats for the brands I manage to see whether or not they’ve had a good day. After that, I read the big affiliate forums to discover the opinions of the affiliate community. I then share the industry’s most important news stories with my team members, before taking on the day’s other tasks such as calls, affiliate recruitment and reporting.What skills have you learned/perfected since beginning your role?Time ManagementTime management is extremely important, and I would say this is the one single thing everybody should strive to be good at. Things will get very difficult if you can’t prioritise your schedule and manage your tasks, regardless of your affiliate marketing knowhow.

Your marketing knowledge and creative skills are both important, but managing your time and multitasking are definitely the most important traits.Being ResourcefulTeamwork is vital – I always discuss feedback with my peers to try and improve things. Being curious is also important, which is why I constantly check forums and publications to understand what’s going on in the world of affiliate marketing.

You have to have an entrepreneurial mindset and ensure your clients trust you, so it’s important to find a way to gather all of these tools and share your knowledge with everyone.What’s the best advice you could give to somebody who’s just starting out as an affiliate manager?Be as up-to-date with the industry as possible. Don’t get daunted by the amount of information that’s out there, and don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues questions either. Learn from more experienced individuals, and research how the industry has evolved as well as current trends.

I’ve watched videos from previous conferences that we’ve attended to increase my affiliate marketing knowledge. If you keep up-to-date, are a good listener and can build good working relationships, then you’ll have a great career.

Get to know Jean!

You’re a big sports fan… tell us how this started? When I was younger, I collected NHL and NFL cards. Every time I got good grades at school, my mother rewarded me by getting some for me. I went to my first hockey game for my ninth birthday, at an arena in Montreal that no longer exists. Earlier this year, I won a pool at work – the prize was a VIP trip to watch the Montreal Canadiens!

I loved watching football and hockey games as a child, and receiving the jerseys. I wanted to play these, but my mother wouldn’t let me take part in violent sports! I got into soccer after this -- I’m a big Manchester United fan.Speed Round!

What is your favourite…Movie: Either the Goal! movie series or Batman: The Dark KnightBook: The 48 Laws of Power or FreakonomicsSport: Soccer Hobby:ReadingFood: Peanut Butter Sauce with Chicken and Rice Colour: Red Animal: Dogs. I’m the owner of an Italian Greyhound.

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