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In this Meet the IA Team article we are featuring our Content Marketing Specialist, Michael De Sua. Throughout this Q&A, we hope to give you more insight into his roles and responsibilities on the team and his strategies for making Income Access a hub for iGaming expertise. We discuss the intricacies of content marketing and how that applies to our specific industry, as well as how Michael enjoys life outside of work.

Name: Michael De Sua

Position: Content Marketing Specialist

Background: Michael graduated from the John Molson School of Business in 2014 with a major in Accountancy. From there, he went on to work as a writer and editor for a variety of properties like Screen Rant, CBR and others. Before joining Income Access as a Content Marketing Specialist, Michael had become Content Director at Valnet Inc.

Michael Shares His Experience at IA:

Though we work in a niche industry, what content marketing skills have you gained that could be valuable anywhere?

The iGaming industry is unique, but a variety of the content marketing skills I’ve learnt can be applied elsewhere. The most pertinent one is to really focus on what your customer wants. In the industry, both operators and affiliates are consistently moving into new markets and verticals. With that, there’s a lot of discussion about Localization, which as a concept is really just focusing on what your customer wants, whether it be language, products or payments services offered. The strongest affiliates and operators succeed in offering content to their audience that feels tailored to them and this concept should be used in almost any industry.

As a content marketing specialist, what types of content do you prepare and what steps do you take before working on this content?

My role on the team is to create content that continues to place Income Access as an industry leader and expert in the iGaming world. With that, we create a variety of content pieces like Q&As with our affiliates, success stories on operators we work with and thought leadership pieces to help guide those in the industry.

Before beginning on any of these tasks, I spend a lot of time doing my research on the topic. For example, if we’re covering an affiliate, I’ll spend a good amount of time on their site and reading their content to ensure I have the full picture on what markets, verticals or anything else the affiliate is focused on. After this, we’ll plan out the piece, discuss as a group about its direction, then really get down to writing it out.

What are some of the differences between making content for IA vs for IA’s clients? What are the challenges and advantages you face and how do you balance both?

The main difference is adapting the message of the content. When we’re creating for IA, we’re looking to offer insights for users who come to our site about the iGaming industry. On the other hand, when creating content on (or with) our clients, the goal is to showcase their unique offerings, in order to connect our partners with each other and increase the client’s reach.

The greatest challenge is learning the language and tone that a client may prefer when writing about them. When writing for IA, we create the tone we’d like to use, but when featuring clients, it can be a more delicate balance on how we like to write our content and what a client expects.

Bonus Question! What are your favorite things about working for Income Access?

It’s been a joy to work with Income Access and the talented team that powers it. The most enjoyable thing so far has been to collaborate with my coworkers, who are always keen to collaborate and support each other.

I’ve also always been curious about the iGaming industry, albeit from a fan’s perspective before joining the team. Learning about the inner workings of the market and all that happens behind the scenes has personally been quite gratifying. It hasn’t helped me with my NFL picks though sadly!


Get to Know Michael:

Are there any fun facts about yourself that you would like to share?

I love to collect shoes and my condo is currently overrun with them at the moment! I’ve been fixated with shoes since I was young, annoying my mother to buy me Jordans instead of whatever generic shoe she wanted to get. She never bought me them, so I’ve made up for it since then!

What does a typical weekend look like for you?

My weekends are typically a mix of watching sports, catching up on movies and TV shows I missed during the week and spending time with friends or family.

Tell us about some of the hobbies you are most passionate about!

I’m very passionate about mental health and enjoy meditating daily to help clear my mind. Mental health is too often ignored and it’s important to give it the right amount of attention!

Speed Round! 

Food: Any kind of Pasta

Movie: John Wick or Arrival

Sport: I watch too many, so I’ll give you my favorite teams… AC Milan, the Las Vegas Raiders and our hometown Montreal Canadiens.

Musical artist: Radiohead, J.Cole

A big thank you for reading our latest Meet the IA Team post and stay tuned for future profiles on our terrific team!

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