Meet the IA Team: Mehak Balwani

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With our latest Meet the IA Team post, we take some time to speak with Mehak Balwani, an Affiliate Marketing Coordinator working on the IA team. Mehak provides valuable insights on the iGaming industry, content creation and much more!

Name: Mehak Balwani

Position: Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

Background: I joined Income Access in 2022 as a recent graduate, but was always interested in brand development. I explored this interest during university by working in different marketing roles and exploring various marketing channels like social media, SEO and media buying.

Mehak Shares Her Experience at IA

You have a lot of experience in content creation from your career and schooling. How have you applied this to working in the affiliate marketing and iGaming worlds?

My experience with content created has aided me in maintaining an engaged and active affiliate program. Understanding your audience’s needs is very important in content creation, and the same ideology should be applied to affiliates. In order to keep your affiliates engaged, it is important to maintain constant, relevant contact with them. Taking the extra step to make your communications targeted and personalized is highly productive and does not go unnoticed.  

What are some suggestions you’d give an Affiliate Marketing Coordinator who’s about to launch a new affiliate program?

Identifying and approaching the right affiliates and subsequently establishing a strong relationship with them is key to a long-lasting affiliate program. While quantity is important in an affiliate program, quality is as well, so before launching your program make sure you have all your brand USPs established, thereby, you can focus your efforts on affiliates that compliment your brand values and create strong relationships with them.

Income Access partners with a variety of brands, so what would you say is unique about the brands that you work with?

I would say the most unique aspect about the brands I manage is the emphasis we lay on recruiting different kinds of affiliates, from offline to social media. We aim to establish the brands presence on various channels rather than just focusing on one.

Get to Know Mehak!

Are there any fun facts about yourself that you would like to share? 

I love doing activities that give me an adrenaline rush.

What does a typical weekend look like for you? 

Food was a big part of my childhood as my dad loved cooking and now that I live away from my family, I really enjoy hosting and cooking for and with my friends.

Tell us about some of the hobbies you are most passionate about! 


Speed Round:

Food: Seafood

Movie: At the moment. it would be Billy Elliot

Sport: Football or F1

Animal: Dogs

Musical Artist: Can't pick just one

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