An Interview with Alan Young of Mobile Casino Man

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With casino players increasing preferring to play their favourite slots and table games on their tablet or even their smart phone, mobile casinos have exploded in popularity. Unsurprisingly, affiliates haven’t been slow to jump on this trend.

What does it take to become a mobile casino affiliate in 2016? We sat down with Alan Young, the man behind Mobile Casino Man, to discuss affiliate marketing on the move.

Before we discuss your site, Alan, tell us about yourself and how you entered the world of iGaming affiliate marketing?

Mobile Casino Affiliate - Alan YoungI have been working on the web for over a decade now, although only got into the gaming industry after getting a job at Genting five or six years ago. Whilst I wouldn't have launched any affiliate sites during that job, I have since left to work in another industry, leaving no conflict of interest when it comes to gaming.  So, now that there isn't that conflict, I’ve been working on a number of iGaming affiliate sites.

One of the major affiliate sites you run is Mobile Casino Man. Can you tell us about launching the site and what makes it special for affiliates?

I think that of all the gaming products available to work with as an affiliate, casino is definitely my favourite. This is partly because of the potential earnings but also because I am a punter myself and love a bit of slots action, particularly on mobile.Mobile Casino Man is focussed very specifically on mobile casinos, their games and the news that's relevant to the mobile casino player. Mobile casino play now represents more than half of all casino play so I think it’s very important to focus on this area, as well as what the games actually look and play like on mobile rather than desktop., I also think it’s really important to focus on which casinos are the best to play at on mobile, because this typically isn't the same list as those players who prefer desktop.

What have you got planned for Mobile Casino Man for the rest of 2016?

I am expecting Mobile Casino Man is going to develop dramatically in 2016 and into 2017, as I add more tabs with things like hints and tips for all games types on mobile, bonuses and exclusive promotions.  I’ll also be adding information about various deposit/withdrawal methods and why they're suitable for different players, and hopefully free-play mobile games, as I think it’s a great thing for players to be able to try before they buy. This is available for desktop affiliate sites already and will be on mobile as well soon.

Do you see mobile as the future for both iGaming brands and the affiliates that promote them?

100% yes, a million times yes!  As I mentioned, mobile play now represents over half of play at casinos, and I expect that number to increase further. I mean, who can imagine using their laptop or desktop at home in a couple of years? I think that mobile also represents a number of different ways of generating traffic for the site, although I still need to do more research on how best to do this.

What advice would you give to other affiliates wanting to venture into the mobile space?

The mobile casino affiliate space is rather congested so I think to do well it’s all about focusing on the mobile player specifically and how their needs are different to the desktop player. For example, mobile players tend to use very different payment methods that are much easier to use than debit/credit cards, so finding casinos that use mobile methods is something very helpful for players.  Other than that, it’s all about content, content and more content!

Thank you for your time, Alan, and best of luck with Mobile Casino Man.