Affiliate Q&A - Paul Puolakka, CMO at Mr. Gamble

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For our latest Affiliate Q&A, we speak with the CMO at Mr. Gamble, Paul Puolakka. Paul is an experienced leader in the iGaming industry, offering up terrific insights on the iGaming industry, the casino vertical and how to gain the trust of your audience.

Income Access (IA): Thanks for speaking with us, Paul! Can you tell us a bit about your background in the iGaming industry and current role with Mr. Gamble?

Paul Puolakka (PP): I started my journey in the iGaming industry in 2014 and quickly realized that my background in account management and sales was a good fit for the affiliate marketing department. Over the years, I have held various roles in affiliate management with different brands, starting as an Affiliate Coordinator and eventually becoming Head of Affiliates. 

As I wanted to expand my knowledge in SEO and branding, I pushed my career in that direction. In recent years, I have worked as an iGaming consultant, assisting startup companies in developing their marketing activities, and also served as the CMO of a successful crypto and casino affiliate marketing company. 

I have also had my own iGaming projects during this time, and earlier this year, I had the opportunity to work as a CMO for Mr. Gamble, where I sold my own iGaming assets.

IA: You’ve been working in the iGaming world for quite some time now. What’s the biggest difference in the industry you’ve seen since you began?

PP: The industry has evolved by leaps and bounds since 2014, especially in terms of diversity and inclusivity. There is an increasing number of female leaders in top positions now, which is a positive trend that reflects our industry’s progress.

Additionally, regulatory changes have had a significant impact on the landscape. If someone had told me a few years ago that countries like Finland would dismantle their gambling monopolies, I would have been skeptical. The industry has become more competitive, requiring businesses to constantly stay at the top of their game. 

Overall, the iGaming industry has become more professional and dynamic.

IA: Mr. Gamble recently won the ‘Affiliate Branding of the Year’ award. How important is branding to you?

PP: In the iGaming industry, where customers end up investing not only their time but also money, branding plays a vital role in attracting and retaining users. A recognizable and reputable brand instills confidence, making customers feel more comfortable and secure in their gambling choices.

Branding goes beyond just visual elements and aesthetics. It encompasses the overall reputation, values, and customer service of a company. A well-defined brand reflects consistency in delivering on promises, maintaining high standards, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

At Mr. Gamble, we understand the importance of branding, which is why we have worked diligently to build a strong and recognizable brand. Winning the ‘Affiliate Branding of the Year’ award is a testament to our commitment to branding and user experience. 

The award also shows that we’re not just your average iGaming affiliate but rather a trusted iGaming marketing partner that won the trust of its users and became their go-to source for online casinos and casino bonuses.


IA: The casino vertical is one of the more exciting ones in the iGaming industry today. Where do you see the casino space going? What are the largest challenges facing the vertical?

PP: Call me biased but I do think the casino space is the most exciting vertical in the industry today. However, it also faces significant challenges. One of the largest challenges is over-regulation. 

While regulation is important for player protection, if the licensing system becomes too strict, some operators may be turned off from working in that regulated form of the market.

This could undermine player protection efforts. It's crucial for regulators to strike a balance between strict licensing and effectively blocking illegal operators to ensure a fair and safe gambling environment.

IA: As the casino vertical grows, so does the popularity of crypto casinos. Can you talk a bit about this trend and where you think it’s heading next?

PP: It’s true, crypto and Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly vital as the casino vertical continues to evolve. We have already witnessed this growth in search terms and user interest at Mr. Gamble.

Crypto casinos offer unique advantages such as enhanced privacy, faster transactions, and increased accessibility for players worldwide. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, integrating them into the iGaming space allows operators to tap into a new and expanding market.

As the industry continues to embrace digital currencies, crypto casinos will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the casino vertical. Terms that yesterday sounded too out there – blockchain casinos, metaverse casinos, VR gambling, etc. – are becoming reality today.

IA: At Mr. Gamble, the focus is providing your audience with information on the best online casinos and the casino bonuses they offer. What sets your team apart?

PP: At the risk of sounding cliché, what sets our team at Mr. Gamble apart is our dedication, effectiveness, and diversity. There’s no better recipe for success in this industry than assembling a highly skilled and diverse team, with members from various nationalities and backgrounds. 

What’s more, our organization is structured in a flat hierarchy, encouraging everyone to voice their ideas and perspectives. Any person on our team can walk up right to CMO, CEO and other higher-ups and voice their opinion. This collaborative and inclusive approach fosters creativity and innovation within our team.

Again, our success as a brand is a testament to the talent and expertise of our individual members. However, we are not complacent and continuously strive to improve. 

We are committed to enhancing the user experience through ongoing refinement of our UI/UX and maintaining a critical eye on our product. Providing the best possible user experience is at the core of our mission at Mr. Gamble.

For more information on Mr. Gamble or to discuss a partnership opportunity, contact Paul and the team today.

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