Oldies but Goodies – 4 Proven Lottery Affiliate Strategies

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Today’s tech world is ever evolving, and it is easy for a lottery affiliate to get tangled in it all. Not only is competition getting fiercer, with new affiliate sites popping up by the day, but with the innumerable online marketing strategies available, it may be hard to focus on what works best. Of course, before jumping into anything, it is important to carefully analyze the target market and goals of the affiliate site, yet there are a few things that are quite universal.

If you are looking to boost your commission and build quality traffic for your site, be sure to give these four lottery affiliate strategies a try!

Banner Ads, a True Classic

Banner ads may be the oldest trick in the book, but they are still one of the most effective ways to promote your affiliate brands. Just like a child that has finally grown up, there is something so wonderful about the independence of banner ads! They can be placed virtually anywhere on your website and once that is set up, your daily upkeep is minimal. It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

Find a good space for your banner – above the fold is best.

Create amazing content to bring visitors to your site.

Let people click on the ads and watch the money roll in!

Hear Ye’! Hear Ye’! Providing the Latest News Drives Traffic!

Now a great way to start working on the above-mentioned ‘amazing content’ is by keeping up to date with the latest lottery news. This will allow you to insert relevant affiliate links, organically!

Becoming the go-to guy or gal for the best news will help you build a strong visitor base and ensure return visitors. Sometimes it’s as simple as announcing the latest jackpot winner. Don’t forget, this is a great opportunity to encourage players to click on your affiliate link. Visitors will think “if they can win, so can I!”

Your Opinion Matters, Share Reviews

Of all the lottery affiliate strategies, this one is my favourite. Compiling a detailed review of a given brand or lottery game is one of the most relevant ways to create content for your visitors. Players want to know which games are worth their time.

Highlight the pros and the cons of the site give as many interesting details as possible. Most importantly, be honest! If you do so, your reviews will be a trusted source of information and players will be sure to come back for more worthwhile content.

Offer Great Offers!

Something that Oprah and Ellen learned early on in their career is that if you give people free things, they will get excited about your brand.

Showcasing great promotions is a surefire way to engage your visitors and drive traffic to your partners’ sites. Keeping up to date with the latest offers and highlighting anything new will keep your visitors coming back for more, because really, who doesn’t love a great deal?

Other Lottery Affiliate Strategies?

These lottery affiliate strategies are tried and tested, and are fairly straightforward ways to increase your commission. Of course, there are so many other interesting and creative ways to ensure a successful site. Do you have any amazing tricks that you think others should know? Share your ideas in the comments bellow and tell us about your go-to strategies!

For those who have yet to become a lottery affiliate, be sure to check-out this how-to guide as well as sign up for the Partner Wins Affiliate Program to get in on the fun!