Two Exciting Pennsylvania iLottery Promotions this March!

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During the month of March, the Pennsylvania (PA) iLottery will run two very exciting promotions that feature a “Bet and Get” functionality, which is a brand-new element for the lottery. These promotions will only be available on two special iLottery games and valid on select days of the week.

“Bet and Get” Bonuses

What’s the best thing about the new “Bet and Get” bonuses featured at Pennsylvania iLottery? With this functionality, the iLottery is able to set different promotions where players are automatically rewarded with bonus money based on cash turnover.

This is an excellent addition to the PA iLottery player bonuses, as it adds more variety to their already diverse arsenal and is a feature that players are sure to get excited about.

Monday – Monster Wins

The Monster Wins “Bet and Get” promotion is available to players of Pennsylvania iLottery on Mondays. Throughout the month, players will be rewarded with $5 in bonus money for every $50 cash bet they place on the Monster Wins game, up to $25.

A claim form or deposit is not required for players to become eligible to reap the rewards of this promotion they simply need to claim it on the My Bonuses page of their iLottery player account.

Friday – Fast Buck Basketball

On Fridays, PA iLottery players can take advantage of the “Free Throw Friday” promotion on the Fast Buck Basketball game, which is another “Bet and Get” bonus. With this offer, when a player bets $5 on Fast Buck Basketball, they will instantly be rewarded with $5 in bonus money!

Once again, no deposit or claim form is required to be eligible for this bonus. Specific Terms and Conditions apply to both of these promotions. Please consult the PA iLottery promotion page for full offer details.

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