Skrill & NETELLER Exclusive Offer: Partner with Leading Payments Brands

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Paysafe is now offering an exciting opportunity for affiliates. Get the chance to work with leading brands in the global payments industry and unlock amazing benefits!

With market-relevant products and services, affiliates can add reliable conversions to their portfolios.

About The Paysafe Affiliates Program

The Paysafe Affiliates program enables affiliates to promote the online payment brands Skrill and NETELLER.About Skrill: Skrill is an international service used by both individuals and businesses to make digital payments secure and easy. Popular for online betting, trading, shopping and gaming, Skrill can handle every type of global online payment in over 40 currencies. Additionally, many users depend on it to transfer money around the world.About NETELLER: NETELLER provides users with a safe and simple way to move money online. With over 100 regional and local currencies and VIP/Loyalty programs, NETELLER is depended on in the entertainment, iGaming, retail, forex and E-sports industries. NETELLER is also a leading payment choice at all major bookmakers, casinos and poker rooms.

Trusted by millions worldwide and available in over 185 countries, each brand represents a valuable partnership for affiliates to drive conversions and generate revenue.

Highlights for Affiliates

As a brand that prioritises its affiliates, you will always be provided with excellent commission rates, flexible and personalised service, and a vast array of resources. From the day you start, you can access up-to-date tools like banners, weblinks, logos, guides and promotion pages, all available through the Income Access software.

Importantly, the Skrill and NETELLER brands are accepted by most operators worldwide, meaning affiliates can double their commissions when their referral makes a deposit at one of these operators. Paired with lifetime commissions, affiliates can continue earning revenue as long as their referral keeps making deposits.

Furthermore, for affiliates looking to diversify their portfolios and add to their partnerships, these brands offer reliable conversions from a wide customer base in both established and emerging markets.

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Exclusive Promotion

Paysafe Affiliates helps you get set up to start earning your commissions right away. For the standard offer, affiliates promoting Skrill and/or NETELLER earn a 20% revenue share, for life.During the months of February and March 2022, Paysafe Affiliates offer an exclusive limited deal: Any new affiliate who joins the program in February or March, will earn a 25% revenue share commission for the first 3 months of partnership, after which the standard offer applies. (T&Cs apply)The other great promotion available with Paysafe Affiliates is to refer other affiliates: If you help the Paysafe Affiliates program grow by bringing in other affiliates, you can earn an additional 10% affiliate referral commission. (For each affiliate you refer, you receive 10% of their generated commission.)

If you have more questions about partnering with these great brands, contact Paysafe Affiliates.


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