PPC Tips for Affiliates

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Are you maximizing your PPC campaigns to generate more players to your affiliate website? Google Adword’s is the top PPC platform and its accuracy and details are essential to helping you maximize your profits. On the other hand, no platform can replace monitoring and modifying your campaigns, which when done without can make for expensive and ineffective campaigns.Casino Affiliate Programs recently hosted a webinar on how affiliates can maximize their PPC campaigns. They focused on a few specific points that I would like to share with affiliates who are in the iGaming industry.

PPC is a Crucial Marketing Tactic

It is important for companies to implement both organic and PPC traffic strategies into their marketing efforts. While SEO can benefit a website’s visibility on SERP’s in the long run, PPC is optimal for short-term projects. These can include promotions, special offers or pages that are only relevant during certain times of the year. By setting actionable goals and a structured budget, PPC can work alongside your SE rankings to generate optimal traffic to your website. Another reason why PPC is an important marketing tactic is because your competitors are doing it!

Using Broad Match and Negative Keywords

Broad matches help you consolidate your keyword selection by allowing for different order ranges of your keywords to be shown on the results pages. Broad matches allow you to be spread your keywords on their ranges giving you more of a chance of receiving clicks and conversions. By having too many keywords on exact match you may be missing great opportunities. On the other hand, having too many keywords on broad match can result in irrelevant searches (which may increase your bounce rate on your pages), an extensive negative keyword list (since you may need to disallow certain keywords) and also a poor mid management (due to the fluctuation of searches in the industry).

To use to the broad match modifier you simply put a (+) before the keyword. Here are a few examples:

+ 5 + deposit + bingo = incorrect

+5+deposit+bingo = incorrect

+5 +deposit +bingo = correct

For more information on broad match modifier check out Google’s Webmaster Tools Broad Match Modifier Overview.Negative keywords stop Google from showing your ads on certain search terms. This feature, which can be found under the keyword tool, is great for the casino and gambling market. Keywords that could be added to the negative keyword list can be; cheating, complaints, advice, illegal, kids etc. By adding these keywords to your negative list, your clicks will be come from more targeted users, strengthen your landing page and ultimately increase conversions.

Long Tail Keywords and PPC

Long tail keywords are a great option for new websites and/or businesses with a smaller budget. Like broad match, they offer the opportunity to hold placements for a larger range of keywords. Below are a few tips on how you can implement long tail keywords in your PPC campaigns:

• Common words with phrases

• Misspells and mistypes – they have good search volume and are less competitive

• Names of games and offers

Thanks again to CAP for giving this webinar. I hope these PPC tips assist affiliates in strengthening their campaigns and also generate more traffic and conversions.

What are your thoughts on broad match and negative keywords? Have you used them? What are your tips and strategies?