The Prominence of Twitch - iGaming's Latest Great Affiliate Tool

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As the world continues to shift online, there’s consistent demand for new content to be available at a moment’s notice. When it comes to this form of accessible online entertainment, live streaming media has emerged as a major digital channel with substantial growth in the past year.

Among the leaders in this space, live streaming platform continues to gain popularity and revolutionize video consumption. Known initially as a website for consuming live video game and eSports media, Twitch also has an immense catalog of creators making content relating to music, cooking, travel, sports and iGamingas an emerging category.Twitch describes themselves as a place where millions of people come together live every day to chat, interact, and make their own entertainment together.Twitch has over 7 million unique creators streaming per month and 30 million daily visitors from over 230 countries, making it an attractive platform for brands worldwide. Twitch has also seen immense growth in 2021 and continues to maintain their status as industry leaders with Stream Hatchet’s latest 2021 report highlighting that Twitch generated 6.3 billion hours watched this year so far, a 97% increase from the 3.2 billion hours reported in Q1 2020.

Live streaming platforms like Twitch serve as a great tool for iGaming affiliates looking to find an innovative and engaging way to educate players about new and exciting brands. Affiliates looking to break into the platform can take advantage of Twitch’s gambling game section, currently with dedicated categories for Virtual Casino, Poker and Slots. Players get to watch their favorite streamers play casino games online in an interactive way, by reacting and sharing the experience with other viewers and the streamer themselves via live chat. Twitch is continuing to develop into a unique iGaming outlet by allowing players to share an experience together in live time, as part of a greater community in a fun and lighthearted way.

As per TwitchTracker, the slots section alone has seen nearly a 60% increase in average monthly viewership in the past year and is emerging as a staple category among the website’s most viewed categories in 2021. More and more affiliates are taking advantage of this growing online platform, like Mr-Gamble from Cashmagnet Ltd. In addition to their global affiliate site, they boast nearly 20K followers on Twitch with new content available for casino lovers every week.

For affiliates looking to learn how to get started on the platform, Twitch offers several resources to help build your channel and learn all of the basics as part of their creator camp. This includes helpful tips on building your community and improving viewer retention.

With operators and affiliates becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities available with live streaming media, it remains to be seen whether iGaming is ready to become a staple category on Twitch for years to come. However, one thing for certain is that since the start of the global pandemic, momentum continues to build globally for consumers indulging in live streaming content, and casino players are undoubtedly among the population looking for new and exciting ways to consume online entertainment.