Reports Interface Update: Enhancing User Experience

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Reporting is a fundamental part of a solid marketing strategy. By being able to see the results of past and present campaigns, marketers can make more strategic decisions related to your marketing efforts and maximise your ROI. Thus, it is essential for marketing software companies to continue to optimise the user interface and experience of the tools and features of key reports. Thoughtfulness in design and ease of navigation encourage users to explore data in more ways, leaving them with a better understanding of the overall results they have achieved.

In line with these goals, Income Access is delighted to announce the upgrades that have been rolled out to several of our system reports.

Which Income Access system reports have been updated?

The following six reports have received UI and UX updates on both the affiliate and admin portals, which consists of additional filtering and data grid capabilities: 1. Account Report

2. ACID Report

3. Banner Report

4. Earnings Report

5. Member Report

6. Quick Summary Report

All previous reports' filtering and data grid capabilities have been preserved. Enhancements have been made to filtering capabilities, with the addition of character by character auto suggest; and to data grid capabilities, providing users with the ability to hide/unhide, lock and re-order the report columns.

Each of the six reports can now be viewed in a multitude of ways to best fit the needs of our clients and affiliates.

What are the benefits of these updates to affiliates and affiliate managers?

There are three main benefits from the UI and UX upgrades that have been made to our reports:Improved Look – Aesthetically, the report form and grid appears more modern and attractive following a material design-based approach using standardised libraries. The pages are now less cluttered and easier to read.Improved Feel – All UI controls such as fields, filters and drop downs have been updated to be more responsive, consistent, intuitive, and pleasing to use. Additional features have also been added, such as multi-select and character by character auto suggest, wherever applicable.Improved Responsiveness – The reports are now significantly more compatible with mobile devices operating in landscape orientation. The grid and form elements reshape themselves dynamically. They are very usable on tablets.

Please contact Income Access for any additional inquiries regarding the reports interface update and its benefits for both merchants and affiliates.