Rightlander: Covering All of Your Affiliate Compliance Needs with a Single Tool

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In recent years, the worldwide gambling market has experienced increased scrutiny in the areas of responsible gambling and player protection. Consequently, operators looking to establish themselves as leaders are required to be highly vigilant in order to remain in line with evolving industry compliance standards.

Rightlander is a supplier of compliance monitoring tools and services, specialising in the global iGaming and forex industries. With strict advertising regulations in place requiring operators to employ responsible marketing practices, Rightlander offers Income Access clients an automatic site-scanning solution, complementary to the Income Access software, to easily review advertising campaigns and help meet compliance needs.

Leverage Comprehensive Scanning and Monitoring

With Rightlander, operators from the iGaming and forex spaces will have their compliance needs covered, while simultaneously taking advantage of three primary benefits:Compliance Monitoring: Each month, the tool scans over 15 million affiliate, social, streaming and illegal websites, monitors a brand’s known URLs and crawls the web to find additional undisclosed content. This helps identify any inaccuracies in brand information being featured on affiliate sites.Risk Detection: By traversing both large and small websites, social media platforms and video, streaming and IP-infringing pages, in addition to scanning the source code and creatives being used, Rightlander helps reduce the risk of illegal or non-compliant activity for brands.

It is also able to analyse all external, redirected, cloaked and hidden links, providing an overarching view of what brand information is being presented on otherwise difficult to find sources.Save Time and Money: Backed by a team of experienced ex-iGaming affiliates and affiliate managers, Rightlander provides expert guidance, simple to use tools and management reporting to help save time and reduce costs, while ensuring busy affiliates and compliance teams stay informed about any changes in regulations.

Access Hundreds of Meaningful Reports

Rightlander provides its clients with hundreds of reports each month, in order to ensure compliance is being properly monitored. Below is a selection of some of the key reports offered:

Rightlander Compliance

1. Hidden and Defunct Affiliate Sites Report: Sites brands are linked to that they were possibly unaware of, in addition to sites that are dead.

2. Linking Images Report: Pictures of creative, screenshots, etc. used to link to a brand.

3. Phrase Report: Pages that contain any specific words or phrases provided by a brand to scan for.

4. Time Sensitive CTA Report: Pages where affiliates use time sensitive calls to action, contrary to UKGC rules.

5. Non-Compliant/Risky Keywords Report: Pages that contain use of terms that imply gambling is “risk free” or wins are “guaranteed”, for example.

6. Responsible Gambling Indicators Report: Signs of compliance (18+, begambleaware, etc.) included on a page.

7. Life Changing Keywords Report: Pages that contain keywords like “get rich quick”, “life changing win”, etc.

Benefit from a Complete Affiliate Compliance Solution

Income Access partnered with Rightlander for its comprehensive scanning, expertise, availability of regulatory education, dedication to compliance, competitive pricing and status as an authority in affiliate compliance.

Several Income Access clients have already integrated with Rightlander and are taking advantage of its numerous benefits. The compliance monitoring solution is currently trusted by leading iGaming operators such as BGO, Genting and Kindred.

If you are interested in learning more about how Rightlander can assist you with all of your compliance needs, please contact your Income Access Account Manager.