SAGSE Latam 2022: Q&A on the Market's Rapid Growth

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On March 30th and 31st, the iGaming world will descend upon Buenos Aires, Argentina for SAGSE Latam. This is considered the most important trade show for the iGaming industry in Latin America and has been going on for nearly 30 years. The event always provides great insights, important networking opportunities and helpful conferences.

Our Senior Business Development Manager, Melissa Del Gaudio, will be attending the event, so we took the opportunity to sit down with her to discuss the Latam market and what trends she expects to dominate SAGSE Latam 2022!

Income Access: Thanks for taking the time to sit down Melissa! As we approach the 2022 SAGSE Latam conference, what’s an important theme you think will be prevalent this year?

Melissa Del Gaudio (MDG): The Latam market is in a rapid state of growth, and it is paramount for operators to find additional promotional and marketing acquisition channels when promoting their brand(s). This will help them reach new users and increase brand awareness. In addition, there’s a large shift in Latam from offline to online gaming and, with this shift, brands will need to adapt their marketing approach. 70% of mobile users in Latam have smartphones and access to the online gaming that comes with it, so brands adjusting their strategy to support this will be a huge discussion point at the conference.

IA: What are some exciting opportunities you see in the Latam market today that will be discussed?

MDG: As more of the Latam market moves towards being regulated, it’s giving way to rapid growth and excitement around the market. This growth is likely to continue into the foreseeable future, leading to a competitive and healthy gaming market in Latin America. With more and more users moving online and it being a relatively new type of gambling for this market, there’s plenty of opportunity. However, the competition to acquire these online users and retain them as loyal customers will be challenging.  Retaining loyal customers can be tricky, but by providing engaging betting offers, a simple player funnel and gamified content, operators can find more success with retention.

There’s also a ton of interest in sports in the Latam market, meaning lots of potential for sportsbooks in Latam. If they properly localize and offer sports that are relevant to users, this can be another massive avenue for potential growth.

IA: How much has affiliate marketing affected the Latam market and how will it affect this year’s conference?

MDG: As it’s still a fairly new market, there haven’t been an abundance of operators working in the space yet. As more countries or regions in Latam become regulated, that will likely change and we expect the competition to be quite fierce for new operators.

Affiliate marketing has proven to be a reliable way to acquire new users and operators in the area are now adapting their businesses accordingly.

As these regulations have come into place, affiliate marketing has continued to grow in the area and operators are progressively seeing the value in working with affiliates.

We’ve already mentioned localization briefly, but it’ll also be relevant in the affiliate marketing space as well. Affiliates are an important asset for operators and should be supported to expand their marketing campaigns. With that support, affiliates can optimize their own campaigns to bring operators new customers and build out their brand awareness.

IA: As one of the first iGaming events in LATAM in a long while, what are you most looking forward to?

MDG: We’ve sorely missed attending events in the Latam market and are very excited to reconnect with old contacts, meet new ones and expand our network in this region. There’s a ton of excitement surrounding iGaming in Latin America, so to just be around it will be thrilling.

It’s also a market we’re making a concerted effort to continue expanding in, as we look to strengthen our partners in the area and hopefully connect with new ones for the future!


A big thank you to our Senior Business Development Manager, Melissa Del Gaudio, for taking the time with us to discuss this exciting conference that’s about to get started in Argentina. If you’d like to book a meeting with Income Access at SAGSE Latam 2022, click the button below to reach out!

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