New Casino | Give in to the 7 Playful Sins

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In early June, United Commissions added a fresh new brand to their affiliate programme: an online casino called Sin Spins. The site was launched in May, and thanks to its unique theme and killer player promotions, it is already highly popular and converting well for affiliates.

For players who are looking to fulfill that thrill they’ve been lusting after, Sin Spins is the place to go. This is not just your average online casino! This is a community that invites users to lose themselves in a world where sinning is allowed and being bad is encouraged! And with over 320 exciting games to choose from, it is easy for players to give into their gluttonous side. Furthermore, all 320+ of the casino’s games are compatible on mobile devices. This gives players access to their myriad of games wherever, whenever - including the comfort of their own couch. Sloth has never looked so appealing!Euro Cup PromoSin Spins takes pride in their frequent and generous player promotions, including a hot Euro Cup 2016 themed bonus that is being offered throughout the Championship. Players can get up to a 40% match bonus and 150 free spins with exclusive codes listed on the site. They are also offering a great Welcome Bonus, giving all new players a 100% match on their first deposit and 25 free spins! Promotions like this are what make this casino the envy of the iGaming world!

Join the Sin Spins Team!

Avoid regret’s wrath by signing up to the United Commissions affiliate programme! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to work with Sin Spins. Affiliates who register to the programme can take advantage of lucrative revenue share deals of 40%.

Go ahead, listen to the little devil on your shoulder and be a little greedy with Sin Spins today!