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We are pleased to announce the launch of the feature Single Sign-On. This is the first of many features and enhancements that we will be launching over the course of the next year.What is Single Sign-On? Income Access single sign-on (SSO) is a type of login authentication of multiple and independent affiliate programs. As the name implies, SSO allows users to sign in once with a username and password and access multiple affiliate programs with different sites.

The system stores the initial credentials and enables users to switch between linked sites without having to sign in to each one individually. When applied, single sign-on allows you to access all affiliate programs associated with your account.

To use SSO functionality, first user should register an account by his email address. Then user has an ability to link his credential for specific affiliate program by having a site`s URL, local username and password. User always has ability to unlink any linked account later.Benefits to Affiliates/Affiliate Managers

  • Eliminates the need to remember and enter multiple usernames and passwords
  • Reduces the number of password resets required due to forgotten credentials
  • Allows users to seamlessly switch between affiliate programs accounts
  • Organize multiple affiliate program accesses in one place
  • Simplify the flow of inviting new admin users to an affiliate program

Benefits to Affiliates/Affiliate Managers

  • Register/Login to SSO
  • Link affiliate program account to SSO
  • Unlink affiliate program account from SSO
  • Automatically link an affiliate program account during login if it hasn't been linked
  • SSO Register/Login/Link from the inside of the affiliate program software
  • Switch between linked account
  • Admin user is able to invite new admin user to an affiliate program through email address

Learn With UsOur Knowledge Base team has put together a How-to Document that teaches you everything you need to know about SSO. The document can be accessed through the button below.


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