5 Valuable Skills All iGaming Affiliate Managers Need to Have

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The iGaming industry has expanded and undergone substantial changes over the last few years. Due to several contributing factors such as technological advancements, digital revolution, and regulatory changes, we’ve seen what was once considered a niche market transform into a competitive industry.

As competition becomes increasingly fierce, affiliate marketing is subsequently playing a pivotal role in driving traffic, acquiring players, and maximizing revenue for iGaming operators. In order to excel in such an ever-changing market, the affiliate managers who manage the program must possess a unique set of skills to help them navigate through this environment and compete with other key industry players.

With that in mind, we’ve highlight some of the top essential skills for iGaming affiliate managers and spoke with Gary Clark, Junior Affiliate Manager at Web International Services Ltd (WIS) and Georgiana Mondescu, Affiliate Team Leader at Extremoo Media.

1. Communication

Having strong communication skills is crucial for negotiating and fostering long-lasting relationships. It is equally important to be able to build trust and collaborate with affiliates.

On the topic, when we spoke with Gary Clark from WIS, they mentioned that “it is paramount for affiliate managers to communicate expectations, goals, and feedback in a transparent and comprehensible manner. Clear communication minimizes misunderstandings, fosters trust, and ensures that both the manager and the affiliate are aligned in their objectives. It also helps in timely resolution of any potential issues, thus maintaining a smooth workflow.”

2. In-Depth Industry Knowledge

As the industry continues to change and evolve, it is crucial for affiliate managers to stay up to date with latest developments on compliance and regulatory changes and emerging trends in order to be able to make accurate and informed decisions. This can be done by signing up to iGaming news websites and regularly attending industry webinars

3. Relationship Management

Building and maintaining relationships is another important part of an affiliate manager’s role. When speaking with Georgiana from Extremoo, she mentioned that:

Over time, I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful Affiliates Managers in this very fast paced environment, who have impressed me with their accomplishments and expertise. Their skills not only helped in building and maintaining relationships, but also have contributed to the overall success of our partnerships.

I think that one way to build strong partnerships with affiliates is by showing genuine interest in our mutual goals, investing time and effort into nurturing our connections, while seeking out and even offering constructive feedback. Being honest about expectations, but at the same time with a proactive, results-oriented approach and always being available to address any concerns or issues that may arise, are also skills I truly appreciate in an Affiliate Manager.

In my opinion, by investing in these skills, any Affiliate Manager will be better equipped to navigate the challenges of affiliate management and cultivate strong relationships with affiliates.”

4. Adaptability

Seeing as the iGaming industry is rapidly evolving, affiliate managers have to be adaptable and open to change. With rules and regulations constantly changing, they must be able to learn quickly and face challenges as they navigate through this dynamic environment. As changes can happen overnight, affiliate managers must be able to shift their focuses and strategies in order to not risk hindering the operator’s affiliate program.

5. Time Management

An affiliate manager is typically working with several different partners and managing different tasks and campaigns simultaneously. Seeing as they must handle various projects at once, it is important that they are able to manage their time wisely in order to keep everything running smoothly. Affiliate managers are also often working with teams in various time zones, so it is important for them to also take this into account when it comes to specific deadlines.


All in all, it is clear that to be able to thrive in this competitive environment, affiliate managers must possess a diverse set of skills. By focusing on such skills, they will be able to leverage the significant impact of affiliate marketing.

If you’re an iGaming operator looking for affiliate management services, feel free to reach out to our team today to discuss how our expertise team can help support and manage your affiliate program.

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