Slotsquad Strategic Outlook for Mobile Marketing Growth (Part Two of Two)

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In the second half of this two-part guest blog, the team from offer their insights on customers and tracking in the mobile market. You can also read part one, which looks at product design and information delivery.

Understanding Mobile Customers

Time is a factor that can act as an initiator of tactical change as well as a crucial marketing lesson in understanding the mobile market. It becomes invaluable as it’s worth so much more to you as an operator, sales medium or affiliate body – but time can also punish you.slotsquadSpeed and patience are the two components that both affiliates and operators should become familiar with in their daily working lives. The speed is how quickly we can get games, offers, brands and information to the player; the patience is in the hands of the player and we rely on this completely for settlement or sale.Mobile customers do not have the patience or the time that static customers do, so we must act faster as affiliates and operators to accommodate this variable.

Using Independent Trackers for Mobile

Regardless of the tracking tools you choose to implement for organic search, pay per click mapping or some other “who came to this page” super system, it’s much more difficult at present to map mobile carriers with regards to tracking.

Even Google Analytics show’s a large number of direct visits as the search giant struggles to divulge specific keyword terms from tablet and smartphone visitors. By using different tracking links for your mobile and static marketing plans, you’ll be able to isolate each potential revenue stream. You can also modify pages and their design, link placement, call to action text, and the positioning of buttons and direct acquisition tools.

All of this can be done using your affiliate link or promotional codes from within the Income Access tracking platform. It’s an amazing thing to distinguish your desktop customers from your mobile ones because you can learn to understand this emerging market and its makeup. Mobile gaming isn’t standing still and neither should you – it’s time to start moving!

About Slotsquad

The team at, along with Chief Editor James Isherwood, are re-structuring their company focuses to accommodate the growth of mobile marketing and how they use Income Access to help support those new focuses in terms of mobile customer acquisition and tracking.