Best Tips for Promoting Your Sportsbook Brand on Instagram

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Online sports betting is a highly competitive, multibillion-dollar industry where sportsbook brands battle to market their way to the top. In such a competitive landscape, it can be hard to know how to begin marketing your brand on Instagram. We’ve kept it simple and highlighted some best tips on how to do just that!

Tip #1: Follow a Sports Events Content Calendar

It’s no secret that preparation yields the best results and is the key to success. And that is relevant for content creation as well. It’s important to make a content calendar that follows any sports events you want to focus on. This will help with the structure and organization of your posts, that way you are always ahead of the game and won’t be dwelling on what to post on a certain day. In addition, pre-scheduling posts is also a great way to ensure you never miss an opportunity to reach your audience. The best time to post is just prior to a sporting event to generate maximum engagement. By pre-scheduling the posts, it will ensure a constant flow of content which your audience can look forward to.

Tip #2: Learn from the Best

If you need some inspiration to create engaging content for social media or just want to stay up to date with sports news, following similar pages can help generate ideas to keep your page fresh. It’s also important to ensure you obtain the licenses and permissions to comply with Facebook’s Online Gaming and Gambling Advertising Policy.

Tip #3: Utilize Hashtags and Stories

Using hashtags is a great way to reach your target audience and increase the visibility of your posts. One important thing to ensure is the use of relevant hashtags for each of your posts. Some of the best sportsbook hashtags to use are #sportsbook #sportsbetting #betting #nfl #nba.

Staying active through stories is an important unspoken rule for Instagram accounts. As a sportsbook account, reposting any sports news, current games or promotions is an efficient way to reach the part of your audience that may have missed your posts. Since Instagram’s algorithm is complex, it could be easy for your post to get hidden in users’ timelines. However, stories will always appear at the top of the app and are easily accessible.

Tip #4: Interact with The Community

Interacting with your followers is crucial. This can be done through posting engaging content that allows for users to comment on your post. For example, asking a question in the caption as simple as “who will win the game tonight? Comment your guess for a chance to win” is an enticing way to interact with your followers. Other ways include answering comments, direct messages and replying to stories.

Here we have an example of an engaging post:sportsbook instagram post 


Instagram has dominated the social media world and sportsbook brands are gaining popularity on the app. Having a successful sportsbook brand on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve, as using these four tips can help take your sportsbook brand to new levels.