How to Stand Out in the US Market as an Affiliate?

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As the US opens its door to legal sports betting, some of the biggest operators in the world are positioning themselves to enter the space. It is evident that the iGaming industry is enduring significant change, and this change presents many opportunities for affiliates just as much as operators.

When it comes to affiliate activity, sportsbook affiliates across the globe are eager to work in a market that was previously inaccessible. How does an affiliate stand out from the crowd when everyone is yearning to get involved?Through preparation…First, it will take some time for sports betting to concretize in the US Therefore, success correlates directly with the affiliate’s readiness for the market. This involves examining the states of interest and scoping the correct opportunities for your business.

Then, affiliates must prepare themselves to obtain the proper regulatory approval. Compliance aside, affiliates should carry out analysis on their competitors who are already active in the US space, in order to gain knowledge on their approaches to player acquisition and conversion.

This means tailoring your content and optimising your website – ensure it is mobile-friendly, for example. Being prepared is the first step in building a presence in the US affiliate world.Through seamless communication…In a sea of online information, a player or web surfer can stumble on any affiliate website. However, who’s to say that the content they’re seeing on your site isn’t something they’ve seen before?

Or worse, to the player’s dismay, a banner link to the casino or sportsbook is broken, or the offer has no relation to what was promoted in the first place.

In order to get that competitive advantage, a rule of thumb would be to maintain relevant, recent and reliable content. This can be done by communicating with all brands’ affiliate managers to request new and updated promotions. Indeed, Halloween is merely weeks away. You could reach out to your respective brands and see if there are any upcoming seasonal promotions. The holidays are always perfect opportunities for new promotional material.

In addition to this, maintaining a relationship with your brands and, especially, their affiliate manager is just as important. It’s widely agreed that the world has become much smaller and connected, which inevitably renders communication much easier. A simple Skype conversation could enrich your relationship with your point of contact.