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With our latest Success Story, we cover Income Access' work with kwiff, a UK sports betting app that's distinctive and fun for users. Here's an outline of this exciting partnership and you can download the full report below!

The Company

  • Founded in 2015, kwiff is a unique sports betting app that was custom built and designed to deliver an engaging customer experience to users worldwide.
  • kwiff also have an exciting casino product, with a wide range of games available, including live casino and slots.
  • kwiff is the only place where a player’s odds can drastically improve, regardless of the sport, odds or stake. Any bet made by a user has a chance to be “kwiffed,” where the odds to their bet may be supercharged at random, with the value increasing from smaller totals to epic amounts.
  • Their app is available across native apps, mobile web and desktop.

The Goals

  • Build out an affiliate network that allows kwiff to reach users with their unique product and create further brand awareness.
  • Provide a more entertaining product for the mobile generation that gives them a unique user experience, not just improved odds.
  • Expand internationally using the betkwiff brand.

Steps to Take

  • Partner with Income Access to build out an affiliate marketing network that promotes kwiff’s exciting product to new users.
  • Continue to establish the betkwiff brand internationally to increase brand awareness in new markets.
  • Further innovate the sports betting world with kwiff’s unique product, while continuing to offer new games and options in the casino space.

For the entire report, click the link below:

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