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With our latest IA Success Story, we look at the work being done with Superbet, a leader in the Romanian iGaming market, who have expanded at an exciting clip thanks to affiliate marketing. Here's a quick outline of the report, which you can download in full below!

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The Company

  • Founded back in 2008, Superbet has become the leader of the retail gaming market in Romania.
  • They then turned their attention to the Romanian online market, offering users online betting, slot games, live casinos, virtual games and lotteries, with great products like SuperSpin and Superprono.
  • Superbet became one of the first foreign brands authorized to operate in Poland, which is considered the largest sports betting market in Central / Eastern Europe. This is important for Superbet, as they have an ambitious long-term strategy to continue expanding internationally.
  • Superbet has won numerous awards, including Best Sports Betting Operator in CEE for 2022, awarded at the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference (CEEGC).

The Goals

  • Look to continue expanding internationally and to improve brand awareness for Superbet.
  • Build out a vast affiliate network to take advantage of the growing digital iGaming market in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • To continue innovating, offering users new products and ideas to entertain them like no other brand.

Steps To Take

  • As an already established brand in Romania for retail betting shops, work with Income Access to take advantage of IA’s award-winning software, which allows Superbet to consistently optimize with relevant affiliate focused data.
  • Earn trust with new affiliates, offering them the ability to earn quickly, receive fast payments and instant support for any requests they have.
  • Develop the online customer base for Superbet.

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