The Easy Way to Measure Performance with Income Access

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How you can evaluate your affiliate channel’s success with the Income Access system

hand with help written on itRunning a successful affiliate acquisition programme requires diligent attention to detail. The problem is, with access to so many different pieces of information on the performance of your affiliate programme, it can feel like you’re drowning in data! How can you, as a marketer, make sure that you’re getting the most comprehensive information in the simplest way?

With the reporting functions of the Income Access software, you can quickly and easily see how every building block of your affiliate programme contributes to its overall success. We’ve put together a brief overview of the different perspectives available on the Income Access system – read on to find out how our software can work for you!

The Quick Peek

Sometimes, a quick overview of how your programme is doing is all you have time to check. The Income Access software gives you a top-level summary of your programme’s performance. Through this level of reporting, you can compare ROI across all of your brands and acquisition channels at the same time. When paired with our ad serving tool, you can attribute your player conversions to specific channels in the conversion path, deepening your insight.

The Affiliates

Understanding your affiliates’ performance levels is absolutely critical to maintaining a productive relationship with them as partners. At the affiliate level, you will have access to key metrics such as net gaming revenue and the number of first-depositing players acquired through each affiliate. You can sort your affiliates by key performance metrics, such as those that bring in players who register but don’t make deposits, and then create communications to engage the targeted affiliates and improve conversions..

The Players

Without players, there is no affiliate programme! At the player level, you can evaluate individual players and decipher where your high-value (and low-value) players are coming from. With the Income Access software, you can see a player’s lifetime value, including total deposits, gross revenue, and total commissions. You can also gain further insight into player behaviour by identifying peak hours for clicks and other player activity, which can help you determine which of your campaigns and creatives are the most effective.

The Big Picture

Finally, it’s important to be able to have all the data you need on the go. You and your team can access the key reports you need by external email automation, which means you can check your programme’s stats without logging in to the software. This makes it easy for you to share information within your organization, and ultimately ensure that everyone who contributes to your programme has the data they need in order to drive your programme’s success!

Want more information on what the Income Access system can do for you? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!