The Income Access Team’s 2017 Marketing & Tech Trends

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The New Year is a time for resolutions – and not just promises of getting back to the gym! It’s also the time to prepare for ICE and LAC, get your marketing plan in full gear, and keep your eyes open for new industry and marketing trends.What will the next 12 months hold for iGaming? Will technology and marketing see similar trends to 2016? With these questions on the minds of everyone, we asked our own team for their outlook on what’s to come in 2017.Trend #1: Data Insight by Lee-Ann Johnstone, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing

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“Data will provide an even more important role for driving successful affiliate marketing and relationships.

Affiliates who are savvy will collaborate with forward-thinking operators to improve digital budget spend and remove unnecessary promotional wastage by leveraging practical and easily accessible data and targeting techniques.”Connect with Lee-Ann or Follow Lee-AnnTrend #2: Mobile Technology by Anshu Jugessur, Head of Technical Services

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“Because most people these days want to play games on their handheld device, mobile acquisition will be one of the biggest drivers to brand growth in 2017. Not having to rely on third-party tracking makes mobile marketing and measuring campaign effectiveness even easier.

It remains to be seen how Google and Android will respond to iGaming apps in 2017; however, we are seeing the rise of third-party solutions to give Android users access to their favourite games on the go. The speed of real-time tagging is also a focus for us here at Income Access and delivering affiliates the data they need to make insightful marketing decisions much faster.”Connect with AnshuTrend #3: Audience Targeting by Jenny Lu, Director of Client Operations

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“Affiliates might reconsider where their budget for digital marketing campaigns goes over the next year – especially with the continuing rise of mobile users.  Marketers will be looking at targeting users across numerous different platforms using more targeted strategies, as opposed to the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach.

Targeting will also be more personalised towards a more focused audience, as opposed to ads which are sent to everybody on a specific platform.”Connect with Jenny or Follow JennyTrend #4: App Store Advertising by Nick Say, Supervisor of Communications“Apple has opened the door for apps to advertise using paid and organic searches in the App Store. Previously, merchants were having to rely on App Store Optimisation to maximise the discovery of their apps. These new search ads will allow operators to pay to promote their applications, in a similar way to pay-per-click – they will be able to pay for keywords and their app will show in searches as a promoted one.

There is a lot of talk of this being introduced in 2017, and we can expect that it will revolutionise App Store marketing. Like traditional PPC, these ads will also be trackable via the Income Access platform.”Connect with Nick or Follow NickTrend #5: Making the Payment Flow Even Easier by Sarah Robertson, Senior Manager, Business Development“As our industry continues to expand internationally, so do the needs of marketing partners and operators to have an easy and efficient way to track, report, and pay out commissions.

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In 2017, to accompany the evolution of new products and verticals, we can expect to see new varieties of commission deals based on user actions, outcomes, and more complex behaviour. The new Income Access commission module will allow for the widest variety of commission types required by both marketing partner and operator.

At the same time, we can expect to see new payment products that will address the growing costs of exchange fees and expenses in commission pay outs. Keep your eyes out for ways to cut costs and to help your affiliates receive their commissions more quickly."Connect with Sarah or Follow SarahWhat are your predictions for iGaming’s 2017? Tell us your own forecasts in the comments section below or email us!