Guide to Success: Tips for Brands To Have an Effective Affiliate Newsletter

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Building a thriving and successful affiliate program involves many moving components, one of which being the most obvious – fostering strong relationships with your affiliates. As part of any strong relationship, effective communication is crucial, and this principle holds true for nurturing successful affiliate partnerships. A great strategy for brands to maintain continuous communication with affiliates is the implementation of a dedicated affiliate newsletter.

This article will explore the significance of newsletters for brands within the affiliate landscape shedding light on key items to consider while assembling an impactful and engaging affiliate newsletter.

Differentiate Yourself: Personalization and Branding

Affiliates likely receive so many emails and communications from various brands daily. To set your brand apart in the saturated iGaming space, it is necessary to leverage personalization. This principle extends beyond newsletters and encompasses all forms of communication. Affiliates will always recognize and appreciate the effort invested in building a rapport, making personalized interactions highly appreciated. In the context of newsletters, a simple yet effective strategy is to address affiliates by their first name in the opening greeting.

Another great strategy of differentiation is establishing a strong and consistent branding presence. It is important to ensure that your brand’s logo and signature colours are prominently featured throughout. This not only distinguishes you from the crowd but also contributes to making your brand more memorable to affiliates.

Always Consider the Reader

When it comes to assembling the newsletter, ensure that the reader is always considered – think of the value that the newsletter will bring to the affiliate. That said, we can already establish that any relevant marketing calendar items can be shared with the affiliates. This includes upcoming player promotions for the month, new product releases, new verticals added, etc. This approach would allow affiliate partners sufficient time to gather necessary materials and make any required adjustments to tracking links promptly. Most importantly, it would strengthen the partnership between affiliates and operators by showcasing a dedicated focus on the affiliate program and establishing an additional channel of communication.

Finally, another great addition to the newsletter would be to include original articles or thought leadership posts. The incorporation of a thought leadership post would not only enhance the operator’s credibility by allowing them to demonstrate their expertise and innovative thinking in the iGaming industry, but also provides substantial value to the reader. In turn, it transforms the newsletter into a dependable and valuable source of information to the affiliate.

Stand Out with Strong and Engaging Subject Lines

With affiliates receiving endless amounts of email from different operators and other sectors within the iGaming space, it is crucial to put together compelling and attention-grabbing subject lines to increase your open rates.

It is always recommended to keep your subject lines short and sweet, especially considering the uncertainty of the device on which the newsletter will be read. A concise subject line will be sure to fit on any screen size.

Another possible method to boost open rates is to utilize emojis in the subject lines as well. This will be sure to help your newsletter stand out from the sea of words in an affiliate partner’s inbox.

Set a Regular Cadence

Setting a schedule for your affiliate newsletter is an essential component to creating an effective newsletter. Most importantly, consistency is key. Whether you opt for a quarterly or monthly distribution, ensure to stick to the chosen cadence.

We recommend a monthly frequency, ideally at the start of each month, for optimal effectiveness. This cadence would allow an opportunity to remain relevant and leave a lasting impression, while offering a great opportunity to announce what is coming for the month and share insights into the marketing plan.

Key Takeaways

To conclude, these are effective strategies in building an impactful affiliate newsletter. Nevertheless, testing various approaches is advisable to identify what works for you and what resonates best for your audience. Feel free to explore innovative, creative, and unique approaches, while always keeping the end reader in mind.