Tips for iGaming Affiliates on How to Find the Right Partner/Operator

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In iGaming, affiliate marketing is a useful channel that operators can use to grow their brand and generate more traffic to their gaming sites. The relationship between an affiliate and operator is vital to the success of an affiliate program. That being said, there are various key elements that must be considered when affiliates are choosing which brands to, and not to work with.

This article will explore various tips that affiliates should consider when they are looking to find the appropriate partners to work with. 

1. Trustworthy Partner:

A brand that is trustworthy and has a good reputation in the market is a must for an affiliate looking to seek a new partnership. Affiliates can seek feedback on partners by simply browsing through affiliate forums, posts on LinkedIn, and through word of mouth in the iGaming community. Additionally, affiliates can scout the web and look at other affiliate websites to see if the brand is listed on many other affiliate sites. Chances are, if the brand makes a frequent appearance amongst other affiliates, they are a brand you’ll want to partner with!

2. Responsive Affiliate Manager:

A responsive affiliate manager is key to building a strong affiliate-operator relationship. Affiliates should feel comfortable asking questions, seeking help or material, and getting timely responses from their affiliate manager in order to effectively promote the brand. Further, affiliates should look for their affiliate manager to regularly communicate new deals and promotions with them, if any, and make efforts to ensure the affiliates are well taken care of and have everything they need to increase conversions on their websites.

3. Win-Win Mindset:

Affiliates should also be on the lookout for partners who are open and willing to make compromises on both sides and value a win-win deal. For instance, an operator who has the best interest of both parties in mind when making decisions will likely do better long term and build longer lasting relationships with their affiliates. This can include but is not limited to commission deal negotiations, timely payments, site placement, and so on.

4. Suitable for your Audience:

Many operators target a variety of different markets and verticals, making it imperative that affiliates ensure that these potential partners are suitable for their audience of players. Some key elements to look for are the markets the partner targets, if the brand localizes their site, what payment methods and languages are offered, game selection and promotions, good player support, etc. Affiliates must ensure that these sites offer most or all things that their pool of players need in order to increase conversion rates and encourage a strong player lifetime with the brand.

5. Offers real time stats and tracking:

S2S (server to server) tracking and real time stats are becoming increasingly popular in the industry, making it important for operators to offer these tools to their affiliates. When looking for new partners, affiliates should be on the lookout for brands working with software providers, like the ones we offer at Income Access, who have these services embedded in their platform. Additionally, these tools allow affiliates to verify their performance with a brand more frequently throughout the day.  

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Key Takeaways

To conclude, these are some key points for affiliates to look out for when searching for new partners to work with in the iGaming space. Nonetheless, affiliates must also prioritize and notice key practices, allowing them to work with brands that share similar values as themselves.