5 Essential Tips to Spot a Strong iGaming Affiliate

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Tips to spot an iGaming Affiliate

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As the iGaming world continues to evolve at a rapid clip, with more verticals and geos coming online, the affiliate marketing community continues to evolve as well. New affiliates with exciting and innovative strategies are emerging, providing operators with valuable users and increased brand recognition.

However, with so many different affiliate partners available, how can brands determine who they should be working with? It can be a bit muddied, but we’re here to help! With a knowledgeable team of affiliate managers at Income Access, we have a ton of experience finding and connecting brands with different affiliates.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of 5 simple tips to help you find the strongest affiliates for your brand!

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1. Do they have fresh / consistent content? Do they create relevant content on regulated markets?

One of the telltale signs to tell whether an affiliate is a strong one is to look at their content. It’s said that content is king, and this is no different for affiliates. They need to provide consistent, relevant and insightful content to users to try to retain them as an audience and have them coming back for more. If an affiliate hasn’t posted fresh content in weeks, it’s likely they’re not as active as others and might be worthy of a long-term partnership. It can also be a strong indicator if an affiliate is trustworthy and will update their content right away if requested. For example, if there are new promotions or content materials to be updated, brands will want to work with affiliates who are proactive and quick to respond.

Additionally, another strong indicator can be the type of content they’re creating. Depending on the vertical or market, affiliates may create a variety of articles and those who create content guides on regulated markets are of particular interest. All the regulations involved in the industry can be complicated, so affiliates who work hard to clarify those regulations and create content around compliance will likely have a strong understanding on regulations and be compliant themselves.

2. Verify with traffic tools if the affiliate site has solid traffic and backlinks

Whether you use Google Analytics, SEMRush, Similarweb or any other traffic tracking products, there are a lot of tools available to brands to determine whether an affiliate has relevant or substantial traffic to their site. Using these tools can help you determine which countries an affiliate has traffic in, how much traffic they’re able to attract, how long they stay on the site andwhether the audience is interacting with their content.

3. Are they promoting well reputable brands in the market you’re looking to join?

Another easy check to spot strong affiliates is to see the brands they’re working with. If you’re looking to enter a particular market and are looking for new affiliates, if you find they’re promoting other reputable brands, they’re likely to be a more serious affiliate. However, if you’re having trouble recognizing brands that an affiliate is promoting, perhaps they’re either more green or potentially less trustworthy. We’d suggest checking if the affiliates links on their site are functioning properly and linking to reputable sites.

4. Have they won or been nominated for any iGaming awards?

tips to find iGaming affiliates

There are a variety of iGaming award shows that take place in every major market, which can help brands identify strong affiliates as well. Between iGB, SBC, and EGR, all the top iGaming media companies offer awards to affiliates at their shows, focusing on their site, promotional ability and technical capabilities. Affiliates who win or are nominated are likely well-established affiliates who can be looked to build a long-term relationship.

5. Are they featured on an affiliate media / portal like GPWA or EGR Top 50?

There are a variety of terrific tools available for brands looking to connect with affiliates, as multiple reputable iGaming reporting sites offer rankings of affiliates, giving you an idea of their potential. In this way, these iGaming news sites almost become like affiliates themselves!

For example, the EGR Power Affiliates is a detailed list of the top 50 affiliates in the world put together by one of the bigger iGaming news platforms in the world. This acts like a standard affiliate page, listing the top affiliates and their pros / cons. There’s also GPWA, which features a variety of information on affiliates, affiliate programs and everything in between.

Key Takeaways

By using these simple tips, brands can identify affiliates that can help them reach their marketing goals with ease. With so many different markets, verticals and interests, the number of affiliates in the iGaming space continues to rapidly increase. While this is definitely a strong sign for the industry as a whole and a huge area of potential for brands looking to connect with more users, it can still be overwhelming to determine which affiliates are right for your brand. Using these tips can help filter down those affiliates, leaving those who are certain to help your brand grow!