The Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

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2015 is coming to a close, and it’s been a great year in the world of digital. We took a look at some of the strategies and ideas we’ve shared with you over the past year and put our biggest hits here in one post. Have a look at our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015:

>Millennials and iGaming: Connecting a Digital Generation with a Digital Industry (August 2015)

Millennials are set to have the most spending power of any other age group by 2017. They are more connected to technology than older generations, they have been found to be less responsive to traditional advertising, and they often interact with brands on multiple platforms. So how do these millennials spend? Find out how to build an iGaming ad campaign with millennials in mind.



Channelling Your Inner Walt Disney: Storytelling & Your Content Marketing Strategy (November 2015)

There is nothing more compelling than telling a great story. Storytelling is the key to an effective content marketing strategy for all brands, including those in the iGaming space.

Good examples of storytelling in advertising include the Extra Gum commercial The Story of Sarah and Juan and Chevrolet’s #ChevyGoesEmoji campaign. We have looked at the most successful use of storytelling in content marketing and put together how you can leverage their techniques. Check out the full post to see what storytelling can do for you. Learn to use storytelling marketing in iGaming.

4 Reasons Why Native Advertising Doesn’t Have to be Complicated   (September 2015)

People today are more ad-savvy than ever. Not only do many people instinctively avoid clicking on ads, according to multiple eye-tracking studies, people even avoid looking at conventional ads. So where does that leave affiliate marketers? Like many in the marketing industry, affiliate marketers are always looking for new ways to get their messaging to consumers. Click on our full blog post dedicated to native advertising to find out how you can start using it. Find out what native advertising can do for you.

The Mobile Video Opportunity (June 2015)

Mobile video is one of today’s fastest-growing advertising platforms. Sixty percent of digital media consumption takes place on mobile devices, with 52% of total consumption taking place in mobile apps. TV advertising has proven very effective in the UK iGaming market – if iGaming marketing professionals have a player acquisition strategy that includes digital video (which they really should in 2015), developing content for mobile is absolutely vital to its success. Read more about mobile video in iGaming marketing.



The 3 C’s of Data Centralization (August 2015)

It can be challenging to track all of the gears in your marketing machine, and centralization is a great way to keep your acquisition programme organised. We’ve brainstormed some key aspects of your programme that can be centralized with your Income Access Ad Serving tool: the 3 C’s!

  • Having access to many channels.
  • Look to creatives as the meat of your marketing efforts.
  • And perhaps the most important part of centralization, campaigns.

Find out what the three C’s mean for youWe’ve got lots of great content coming up in 2016. Watch our blog page for new posts and check out our weekly mailers delivered to you every Thursday for the latest industry news, software updates, and marketing advice!