3 Affiliate Marketing Podcasts You Need to Listen to Today

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As affiliate marketers look for new tricks and tips to better their understanding of the industry and reach new users, there are a variety of tools available to them. Whether it’s blog posts, LinkedIn training courses or any other form of educational content, the options are endless to learn about affiliate marketing.

Another popular medium for learning today is with podcasts. There are a variety of affiliate marketing podcasts out there for users to dig into and learn with, but it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Our latest blog post will recommend some of our favorite podcasts on affiliate marketing, outlining why we love them and what you may learn from them.

The Affiliate Marketing Podcast

LISTEN HEREHost Lee-Ann Johnstone’s weekly podcast, on its 6th season already, wants to keep affiliate marketing simple for listeners and manages to achieve that, while being instructive and entertaining. Lee-Ann Johnstone is the CEO of AffiliateINSIDER, a website focused on providing expertise on affiliate and digital marketing, giving her a unique perspective on the industry. She often has an expert guest on to help her breakdown the topic of choice for that week. The show had had a whole range of affiliate marketing topics, from looking at an emerging market like Africa to how smaller brands can still make a big impact in their vertical.

By simplifying complex affiliate marketing ideas in an engaging way, listeners will enjoy their time listening to The Affiliate Marketing Podcast, while learning along the way.

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The Affiliate Report

LISTEN HEREHosts Derek Gehl and Galel Fajardo have a terrific rapport with one another as they effortlessly banter with each other to open their shows before they get to helping affiliates improve their business practices and expand their campaign profits. This weekly podcast tackles important topics for affiliate marketers, like how to succeed as a new affiliate or how to generate value out of affiliate conferences. Listeners are also encouraged to send questions into the pair of affiliate marketing veterans, while the hosts frequently highlight important affiliate news before deep diving into the week’s selected topic.

Derek and Galel are passionate about affiliate marketing and clearly share a strong bond that allows them to bounce ideas off each other. This comes through weekly, as each episode is informative, while being a fun listen for users.

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Awin Talks: Affiliate Marketing Insights

LISTEN HEREHosted by Awin’s Content Analyst Rob Davinson, this monthly podcast features informative interviews with industry experts to help affiliate marketers continue to grow in their space. The podcast looks at affiliate marketing globally and the various trends that may be influencing it.

Rob Davinson has been with Awin since 2017, giving him a strong understanding of the affiliate marketing industry and the ability to provide valuable insight for listeners. He’s often joined by his Awin colleagues Craig Foster (Data Analyst), Kevin Edwards (Global Client Strategy Director) or other Awin experts who might be relevant to that month’s discussion. He also interviews other industry experts, giving listeners a plethora of perspectives to learn from.

While this podcast’s tone is more serious than the other two mentioned above, it remains an important tool for affiliate marketers looking to grow.

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With so much information available to affiliate marketers today, it can be overwhelming to decide where to begin. Despite that, it’s important for affiliate markets to consistently look for new strategies as the industry never stops innovating. Our hope is that with these podcasts, and the many more terrific ones out there, affiliate marketers can continue to increase their knowledge in the industry, while listening to entertaining content that double as affiliate marketing tutorials. As affiliate marketing continues to grow and evolve, finding new avenues to learn is important and these podcasts are a great area to start.