Why is Tracking Technology So Important in Affiliate Marketing?

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It may seem to be a rather simple question, but why are tracking solutions so important in marketing? Well, like in most other fields, without complete and accurate data, you would be flying somewhat blind and unable to optimize your advertising efforts.

Regarding affiliate marketing specifically, this absolutely holds true, but what is the scope?

Just this year, according to the Awin report, the affiliate marketing industry was reported to be worth over $12 billion globally, making it a massive industry.

With all that money being spent, it needs to be optimized properly and that’s where tracking solutions come into things.


When affiliate marketers use robust tracking solutions, like our IA software, they gain the ability to better understand their traffic and run more effective campaigns, making them more efficient and profitable. In this blog post, we will be looking at tracking tech, why it is so important in the world of affiliate marketing today, and what kind of reporting you should be looking for.

Reporting Needs

When looking at reporting in tracking tech, what elements should you be looking out for? We believe these four areas should be focused on!

  • Daily and Robust Reporting

Simply, this is a must! Getting daily results leads to a more efficient operation, which helps both affiliates and operators alike.

  • Player Focused Reporting

The user should always be the focus, so player-focused reporting helps operators and affiliates to understand the user experience, allowing them to adjust aspects of the journey that can be improved. Without this level of granularity for operators, it can be difficult to tell at which point in a player’s journey issues can occur at. Whether it is looking at where players lose interest or where they might be getting confused, it is important to understand their journey as best as you can. On the affiliate side, reporting should be focused on which creatives or pieces of content are resonating with users, allowing them to tailor more of their content for their audience.

  • Affiliated Focused Reporting

Affiliates are going to be using the tool, so if reports are not tailored for them, how can they possibly make good decisions with their creatives? Looking at from the operator perspective, understanding which partnerships are working best can be a major advantage, as you can see which need a bit more love and which are moving in the right direction!

  • Creative focused reporting

Comparing different kinds of creatives makes it easier for affiliates to see what is working with their audience. The benefits are not only on the affiliate side though, as operators can gain insight into the kind of creatives that really work as well and use that information to find similar affiliates to work with, furthering to increase their network.

Ad Serving Tools & Customization

An important part of tracking is being able to use that data to make decisions quickly, which is where Ad Serving Tools come into play. Ad Serving Tools allow you to make instant decisions on creatives that can be seen live rather quickly, allowing you to connect with your audience in new and engaging ways.

Our Director of Product at Income Access, John Park, stresses that “a solid ad serving platform is paramount, as it allows affiliates and operators to make adjustments that go into effect quickly, especially when coupled with a robust daily reporting system.”

Also, does the tool you are looking into provide the ability to adjust to your needs? >Whether you are an affiliate or an operator, the ability to tailor your tracking tool to your needs is vital.Whether it be for things like language, markets, currencies, or brands, the ability to adjust to your needs is crucial.


Looking over the landscape of tracking tech, it is clear to see why it is so important in the affiliate marketing vertical. When used effectively, it allows affiliate marketers and operators to make better decisions and optimize their businesses efficiently.

Tools like our IA Software are consistently evolving and it is important to always be on the forefront of new trends. Our newest feature is Product Pin, which aims to make it for easier for affiliates to chat with our product team, share feedback on the system, and stay up to date with all of our latest news!

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