Building trust in an anonymous world: How TrustTracker™ helps through blockchain technology

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Validate your bets at 321CryptoCasino with new TrustTracker™ tool

Leading cryptocurrency casino 321cryptocasino now provides players with the ability to validate the legitimacy of bets placed via a pioneering partnership with the innovative new blockchain tool, TrustTracker™.321cryptocasino players can take advantage of the TrustTracker™ technology to verify that the result of every spin they make and every bet they place matches what was recorded in the transaction history of their player account.

In order to store the results of every single transaction, TrustTracker™ uses blockchain technology powered by the CasinoCoin, a digital currency, focused on the regulated gaming industry. Players can use the TrustTracker™ app to enter their bet code or scan a QR code, and receive a near-instant confirmation that the result on the operator's ledger matches.A spokesperson for 321cryptocasino said: “Since 321cryptocasino launched, we have done everything in our power to guarantee a legitimate experience to our users. By integrating TrustTracker™, our loyal customers no longer need to take our word that the result of our games can be trusted - they can check for themselves in real time.

“Alongside a world-class selection of games, generous bonuses and a high RTP, becoming the first to add TrustTracker™ underlines our position at the forefront of cryptocurrency casinos.”

About 321cryptocasino

321cryptocasino is an amalgamation of 20+ years of gaming and software experience blended together to create a thrilling experience for a broad international audience of players.

321cryptocasino provides users with a place to enjoy the online gaming experience without having to worry about the everyday hassles some online casinos pose.

About the TrustTracker™ Blockchain Technology

TrustTracker™ is a blockchain-based tool which empowers players by allowing them to validate the results of every spin or bet they make. This helps create a solution to the problem of placing trust in online casinos by adding a major layer of transparency between the operator and the player. Integrated via a simple API, TrustTracker™ is powered by the CasinoCoin blockchain.

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