Unlocking Content Marketing: Three Keys to Success

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Content marketing seeks to create and distribute valuable and consistent content intended to drive consumer action. Its role within the iGaming industry is pervasive as it affects marketing strategies of both operators and affiliates alike.

Here are three keys to help you unlock your content marketing plan:

Consistency and originality

Ensuring that potential players are able to recognise you by name and associate the brand to positive mental images is essential to success. The only way to do this and get your foot in the door with your target audience is to make sure you stay consistent in the dissemination of your brand image. Originality is what enables you to be consistent, because you are able to define who you are as unique entity.

This also refers to what you choose to disseminate. Simply repackaging pre-existing information from other corners of the internet and calling it your own won’t put you in the good graces with search engines. Creating linkbait may get you clicks and views but it will also probably rub people the wrong way, and when that happens, word travels fast.

Multiple mediums = multiple viewers

Remember that individuals are just that – individual. They respond to different mediums in different ways. If a person searches for your company on Google the resulting web page is arranged so that there are four major mediums where someone can get information: photos, news articles, web links and videos. Branding your company will require engaging with clients in each of the four categories.

Multiple mediums also refer to the different ways in which people receive their information from you. Using social media, emails and even old-fashioned print, are all integral to driving new business leads.

Alerting yourself, to yourself

A major component of content marketing is being aware of what others are saying about you. An excellent way to do this is with an alert system that sends you clippings when your company is mentioned. It is essential that you are able to receive consumer feedback and react accordingly. Engaging with customers includes them in the process and allows you to tailor your content and be responsive to the questions that they have.Rolex has taken this concept of ‘social listening’ to make measured marketing decisions that have paid huge dividends. Google has a function called ‘Google Alerts’ that serves this purpose but there are many competitors that offer slight twists that may suit your needs more appropriately.

Content is king

High-quality content is the backbone of any marketing strategy. If executed well, an impactful content marketing campaign can energise your company’s future.