Virginia iLottery Launches New Affiliate Program with Income Access

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Virginia has become the third US state lottery to launch an affiliate program and Income Access is excited to share this partnership with the Lottery. Our affiliate team will be working closely with the Virginia Lottery team to support their online affiliates, and soon their retailers, in further growing their industry-leading brand.

About Virginia Lottery

The Virginia Lottery launched their online platform on July 1st, 2020, allowing adults in Virginia to play Lottery games online with ease. The VA Lottery brand is the most successful iLottery launch in US State Lottery history with the highest per-capita sales. The Lottery directs all their profits to Kindergarten through 12th grade public education in the state. In fact, in 2020 alone, they contributed $595 million to public schools in Virginia and $10 billion since 1999.The VA Lottery brand is also the first lottery in America to launch a progressive jackpot style eInstant game, as Jungle Tumble Jackpots is the first game title to feature technology. This game has had an abundance of success since its launch in December. VA Lottery now has two of these eInstant progressive jackpot games and are planning to launch more in the summer and fall.About the Player PromotionVA Lottery is offering a promotion for one of their most popular games, Jungle Tumble Jackpots! Players will be able to get 12 free games of the progressive jackpot when they register with a unique bonus code.

Additionally, players can benefit from a first-time deposit bonus! Virginians can claim an exclusive 50% deposit match for up to $100 and ten free games of Virginia Cash Expander when they make their first deposit.About the PartnershipAt Income Access, we are thrilled to be managing this affiliate program closely with the VA Lottery team, further delving into the US market. We are also excited to be further supporting their retail management in the near future, while continuously growing and expanding their affiliate program. To date, the VA Lottery brand has run several crossover promotions with retail, including a highly successful Wheel of Fortune scratcher and eInstant game pairing in February 2021.

Commissions and Benefits

Affiliates can earn commissions in a variety of ways. We’ve listed the three ways below and it’s up to the affiliates to decide what works best for them!1. Tiered Revenue Share (based on FTDs)

FTDs Referred MonthlyRevenue Share Commissions
Up to 9 FTDs15%
10 – 19 FTDs17.5%
20 – 49 FTDs20%
50 or more FTDs25%


If an affiliate refers 50 or more FTDs for three consecutive months, or averages 50 or more FTDs over three consecutive months, then they will receive a fixed 25% Revenue Share. That said, if an affiliate earning a fixed 25% Revenue Share is unable to refer a minimum of 50 or more FTDs a month over three consecutive months, they will be moved to the tiered Revenue Share structure.2. CPAAffiliates can earn $85 for every new player they refer. Additionally, the player will have to have deposited a minimum of $10 and wagered at least $10.3. Hybrid Finally, affiliates can earn on a hybrid basis. Affiliates can earn $50 for every new player referred and 10% Revenue Share. To earn the CPA, players will have to have deposited a minimum of $10 and wagered at least $10 as well.Sign Up to Promote Virginia iLottery Today!The VA Lottery affiliate program has been live for a couple of months now and it is looking great! From there, both the Income Access and VA Lottery team are eager to get started in the brick-and-mortar retail realm. For more information and any additional inquiries, you can get in touch with our affiliate manager!

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