Voice SEO: How iGaming Brands and Affiliates Can Take Advantage of Voice Search

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As the iGaming world continues to grow at a rapid pace, both affiliates and operators are always looking for an edge to help them reach new users and grow their userbase. That means both parties need to be on top of all the hottest digital marketing trends and one that is continuing to grow is voice SEO.

To understand the true scope of voice SEO, it’s important to recognize its rapid growth. In 2019, there were 3.25 billion digital voice assistants being used in devices across the world. In 2024, that number is expected to surge to 8.4 billion, representing a growth of 158% over five years and showcasing the massive amount of people using voice SEO.

Considering voice SEO’s massive popularity and the increased importance of SEO generally in the iGaming world as brands and affiliates look for sustainable ways to grow their audience, we put this piece together to outline the voice SEO world and best practices for those in the iGaming world

Voice SEO Overview

Before we dive into how to use voice SEO as a member of the iGaming community, let’s first break down how voice SEO is being used across the world. Today, 27% of the global online population use voice search on their phones, with that number only expected to grow as more and more users get access to smartphones. Most often on smartphones, users are using their voice assistants to ask questions and look up information. When looking at voice assistant market share, Google leads the way, with their Google Assistant product being used most, while Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri follow as second and third respectively.

On the other hand, another popular item when it comes to voice SEO is smart speakers, which many have in their home to control their lights, temperature, televisions and even to search queries as they navigate their homes. When it comes to the sale of smart speakers that are capable of providing voice SEO, Amazon and their line of Echo products lead the market at 28%, with Google following behind at 17.2%.

How can iGaming Brands and Affiliates Use Voice SEO

Now that we’ve broken down the voice SEO market, how can brands and affiliates take advantage of it within the iGaming world? Firstly, it’s vital for both sides to ensure that their mobile page speed is at an optimal level. As we covered earlier, voice search is a growing part of the mobile world and if you hope to have improved figures from voice SEO, ensuring that your mobile speed is running efficiently is important.

In terms of the searches themselves, users are typically providing them in the form of a question. That means one way to ensure that your webpage has answers to these queries, and is a potential option for a voice assistant to pick up, is to have a FAQ page that clearly writes out common questions provided by users, along with a clear and concise answer. Keeping answers simple and to the point will give voice SEO platforms a better chance of picking up your answer.

Additionally, search engines are beginning to think more like humans, so it’s vital for both affiliates and operators to frame their content in that way. Traditional practices like keyword stuffing are becoming less valuable, while creating content based on the needs of customers is being further rewarded.

Key Takeaways

The iGaming market is a competitive one, where brands and affiliates are consistently looking for the next trend to try to get ahead with. While voice SEO isn’t entirely new, it’s prominence in the iGaming world continues to grow and remains a marketing method that can help connect with new users and increase brand awareness. By practicing healthy SEO methods and optimizing your content for mobile-speed, brands and affiliates can take advantage of this burgeoning marketing strategy.