New Emerging Trend: Smartwatch Gambling

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It goes without saying that technology has completely changed our lives. Over the last 20 years, it has developed in ways we never imagined, and it almost seems impossible to think of a life without it today.

Technology is powerful and has transformed multiple industries over the last two decades, including healthcare and media. In fact, with its continuous advancements, it has also greatly influenced the iGaming industry and the way people bet. In recent years, gambling has evolved from in-person to desktop to mobile and now all the way to smartwatch betting.

What is smartwatch gambling and why is it increasing in popularity?

Smartwatches were first introduced in the early 2000s. However, in recent years, these wearable devices have rapidly become popular amongst the general population. They are typically most known for their health monitoring features, such as examining heart rates or step tracking. With its rapid success, the smartwatch market is expected to grow at a 14.5% compounded annual rate between 2021-2027. This is in part due to the rapid emergence of smartwatch betting. As iGaming technology continues to evolve, players are constantly looking for new, faster, and more effective ways to interact with their favorite brands. With smartwatch gambling, players have the convenience to play and place bets using their smartwatches.

Jackpot City, an online casino, was the first casino to provide Apple Watch users the possibility of playing on their smartwatch with 17 different games. These included table poker, bingo, and slots. With their success, more developers are planning to release smartwatch casinos for both IOS and Android, as well as the Sony Smartwatch 2.

How can a user bet on their smartwatch?

Now that we have a better understanding of smartwatch betting, let’s look at the process for users to bet on their smartwatches. The process itself is surprisingly easy, although it can vary per game. Users who want to play on their smartwatches can expect to follow these steps:

1. Download the app of their choice.

2. Create a player account.

3. Place a deposit.

4. Play the game using their smartwatch.

5. Win & withdraw the money.

As you can see, this is virtually the same steps one might follow when betting on their smartphone and/or laptop, demonstrating how easy it can be for users.

What are the advantages of smartwatch gambling?

Mobile gambling on smartwatches has increasingly become popular due to its number of player advantages.

1. Convenience: With smartwatch gambling, players can bet whenever or wherever they are. Unlike with traditional devices like laptops, smartwatch users can play on the go, even in crowded spaces like subways.

2. Ease of use: As seen above, the process is user-friendly, making it simple for all to use. Seeing that the screen is smaller compared to other mediums, the app developers have ensured that only the most important functions and features are available.

3.Bonuses: With smartwatch betting, players can take full advantage of promotions and/or bonuses that are typically offered on other platforms – allowing them to have the full experience right from their watch.

What are the disadvantages of smartwatch gambling?

Many believe that mobile devices are the future of casinos games. However, because smartwatch gambling is in its early stages, there are a few inconveniences to this emerging trend.

1.Small screen: Due to the size of smartwatch screens, it is possible for players to miss certain details when playing or mistap.

2. Small variety of games: Seeing that this is new, not all developers have products that are readily available, limiting a player’s selection.

3. Downloading games on all devices: At this stage, not all casino games have the functionality to run on all smartwatch devices.

Looking Ahead

While it is still in the early stages of development, smartwatch betting is growing steadily and likely to become available through more operators in the coming months. Smartwatches are just one of the new, exciting technologies in the iGaming industry and is just one way that technology will continue to shape the industry and change the way people bet.