What you need to know about the future of ad buying

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Programmatic buying has existed for several years as a way to bid in real time on targeted ads, but it has evolved quickly to being much more. While traditional media buying can sometimes lead to unpredictable results, programmatic is highly targeted right down to capitalizing on the “micro-moments” the iGaming player experiences in their day via the channel most likely to get their attention.

Programmatic is data at the core

Programmatic strategies target fine-tuned audience segments by leveraging a huge amount of multi-channel data. But, programmatic isn’t simply a robot buying up ad space. It’s important to remember that despite the technocratic title, good programmatic involves a lot of human expertise that can potentially drive up the price tag.

The pay off

Advanced targeting techniques like programmatic marketing deliver an average 30% improvement in cost per action, according to Google, when compared to traditional ad buying. While purchasing fewer ads for more money might turn some people off, programmatic can boast higher ROI than traditional ad buying.

Programmatic and iGaming

iGaming businesses can benefit from programmatic marketing. Its dexterity allows marketers to break out of a saturated ad space to reach their audience in a more niche way.

For example, 20% of time spent on media is within a mobile environment, but only spend for example, is on mobile, according to Google. Programmatic marketing is ideal for targeting consumers on their mobile devices because of the use of second screens during major sporting events, for instance.

Programmatic done right

Take Nike’s the Phenomenal Shot campaign. During the World Cup, Nike created and delivered 3D ads immediately after a goal to encourage engagement and shares on social media. 500K remixes were made by users and they received 2.2 million engagements for Nike, according to Google.

Considering over 60% of searches during a big game happen on mobile devices according to this Google case study, programmatic buying can be an effective way for sportsbooks to capitalize on customer mobile engagement.

Programmatic vs traditional media buying

Here’s a quick look at how programmatic buying compares to the traditional media buying channel that many brands currently implement.
ProgrammaticTraditional media buying
ProsFine-tuned control of targeting across devicesTrusted sources that understand their niche and can give feedback
Real time spend optimization based on resultsAudiences come pre-segmented
Taps into micro-moments which increase ROIOpportunities for negotiating performance deals based on results
ConsHighly competitive space which can drive up conversion costsLow level of targeting
Lack of control on ad placementLong wait time for campaign results
Challenges in identifying reputable programmatic servicesCosts can be unpredictable

Key Takeaways

Programmatic is a great way to be ahead of the curve in your marketing efforts. Remember to start small with programmatic buying and monitor the results to see what works best for your brand.Programmatic is one avenue to explore as part of a complete marketing plan. To find out how Income Access can support your marketing strategy email our Digital Media team.